August 1, 2012

Good In Goodbye (Fiction Series) Part 9

One year later, I was back in San Francisco. It was amazing to see just how much things had changed; things I never saw coming or expected. People are right when they say God has a sense of humor, because he completely changed my dreams around to things I never even realized I wanted. We had been to New York City, Boston, LA, Nashville, Utah, and all sorts of other states in between. Carter and I had also been marking off the places he had wanted to show me last time. We were back in town for Carter's first major headlining tour and it was surreal to come back with a new set of eyes, seeing things in a different way. We had just landed and were driving towards Union Square, where our hotel was.
"You better come say hi to me," Sheila said over the phone. I had called to tell her we had made it safely.
"Of course I will! Besides, who else am I even going to say hi to back there?"
"Good point. You're living it up in the O.C now, so you've forgotten about us common folk. Did you take Carter''s private jet?" she asked with curiosity in her voice.
"Oh, yeah, because I fit in so well out there," I added sarcastically. "As a matter of fact we did! We didn't have to fight the crowds at the airport, which made things go a lot smoother."
"Agreed. Well, maybe now that my best friend is MARRIED to a rock star, I can get in on some of these perks too!" Carter and I had gotten married after the Idol tour had ended, he wrapped up the album and press, and somehow we managed to fit the simple wedding we both wanted, into our schedules. 
Since we'd been married, I'd been traveling more, which meant segments from the road for E! I was also doing more phone interviews and blogging from the bus. Thank goodness for wifi, right?
"Of course, complete with backstage passes," I filled her in on the plan, letting her know she wasn't left out. We all knew how that could be.
"I like the sound of this. Tell me more!"
I laughed and rolled my eyes, thinking of how much I had missed her. Sure, we had kept in contact through Skype, Facebook and Twitter. But, it wasn't the same as being in the same room. That was all going to change again tonight.
"So, then you're coming to the concert tonight, right?" I asked as
"I wouldn't miss this for the world. A chance to see Carter's debut and your homecoming...It's not even an option."
"I've missed your face."
"I've missed yours too."
"I should probably go, we just pulled up to our hotel," I told her, as the driver opened our doors and started helping us with the luggage.
"Alright, alright, I see how it is. There are so many demands from you now; everyone needs a piece!" she replied dramatically.
"HAHA...You know it's nothing like that."
"I know! It just keeps things more entertaining this way. I don't have much in life, at least let me have this."
"Okay, but just this. Nothing else," I kidded.
I heard her laughing in the background, "Okay, okay! I can handle this."
We hung up and I returned to Carter''s side.He had just tipped the bellman and the rest of his band had arrived as we filed into the lobby to check in. Luckily, his manager usually takes care of all that and just hands us the key. Yet another perk to being a groupie. Plus, we were staying at the nicest hotel in the city, the Sir Francis Drake. It was decorated like an old King's palace with gold and red tones throughout. There were chandeliers and elaborate detailing as I craned my neck to look around.
We circled around with his guitar and bass players and drummer and his manager handed out room keys. "Hey guys, you know my wife, Stacey," it still sounded weird to hear him refer to me as wife. My stomach did a funny twist every time. He caught me smiling.
"Maybe we'll meet up with you in a bit for lunch or something?" I heard Carter tell them.
I nodded my head and agreed, though I was in a daze. I was already busy planning everything we were going to be doing together. We were going to visit my family, a few friends, and I wanted to take him to my favorite spots in the city.
"Gotta help the little one grow big and strong," Carter started speaking to my stomach. Before you start thinking that's just some weird habit of his, I guess I should have told you that I'm pregnant, about four months along."
"What did we talk about not doing that thing in public?" I asked him, as he stopped in his tracks, "Right...Sorry," He moved his hand and put it around my shoulder instead. "Is it good to be back?" He asked, changing the subject. 
"Yeah," I nodded, even though I wasn't sure it was. "It really is. I didn't think I'd miss this place as much as I have...but wow!"
He smiled and kissed me on the cheek." I was hoping we'd have a little time to explore the city before the show tonight?"
"Yes! I've already got it mapped out. If we start by 2:30, we should have plenty of time to check out a lot of the stores in the area, and we can always do the Golden Gate tomorrow when you're completely free," I pulled the notebook out of my bag. I was a journalist, so I never went anywhere without it. I showed him a few pages I had glued pictures down to, and where everything was located.
"That's my little note taker. How did I not know you would have everything ready to go?" He picked on me. 
"Yeah, I'm not exactly sure either, because I've been doing this since the day we met. Get with the program, kid," I nudged him in the side, and before I knew it, he pulled me into his side. He leaned down, giving me a kiss. 
"I love you and your note taking." If you couldn't tell, we were still in our honey moon phase, where everything the other does is still charming. We'll see how long this lasts, I laughed to myself.
We checked into our room to get settled in, freshened up, and met Carter's band for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory on the top of Macy's. There was a perfect view of the city, and I was just soaking in the bay area smell. I remembered all of the afternoons I had spent here, still trying to figure out who I was, frustrated by the way things with Brad, and laughed at how mediocre it all seemed now. 
When lunch finished up, Carter and I decided to go down to the wharf for a little while. There were too many stores surrounding Union Square that it would've been hard to pull me away before call time. We snacked on chocolate from Ghiradelli, bought matching sweatshirts in a souvenir shop, and walked along the pier, overlooking Alcatraz. 
"This is so beautiful," Carter admired leaning against the railing, and I snuggled up next to him. 
"Isn't it?" I looked out at the ocean in front of us, glistening from the rays of the sun. 
We were silent for a few minutes, admiring God's beauty, when I heard my name being called. That really wasn't too unusual these days. It was normally because they recognized Carter or me from E! News. This time,  I turned around for the biggest surprise that I never saw coming.

Part 10 coming up shortly! 

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