October 3, 2012

Last Dodger Game Of The Season

Sunday, after just getting home from South Carolina pretty late the night before, we went to our last game of the Dodger season. It was also fan appreciation day, which meant giveaways! I was able to sleep in a little, but since I was still on Eastern time, I woke up a little earlier than normal. We hung around the house for a bit, then started getting ready. My mom also called my aunt to see if she wanted to go to the game with us, which was cool!

I think it was somewhere around 10 when we actually left; stopping by Jack in the box and the bank first. And off we went! We made pretty good timing, and it wasn't too busy when we got to Dodger Stadium, so we went inside the stadium, and decided to head down a couple levels. We made it to the suites level, and were about to get on the escalator to go down again, when we walked past this bigger guy with a Dodger hat on. Seems pretty common, but as soon as I looked at his face, I could've sworn it was Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family. I had to do a couple glances, because it seemed like he's lost weight, and he looked a little different. I tried to get my mom's attention, but she had already gone down the escalator. We waited a second, and once we got down I told my mom and dad I thought that was him. Well, just as we were trying to go back up, so I could ask for a picture, but right about that time, he walked onto the escalator we had just come down, and walked right into a special entrance to get down to the field. Go figure!

We headed out towards the field level, and just hung out for a few minutes, seeing who all was out there. We did get a wave from Eric Stonestreet. We were hoping he'd walk by us to leave, so I could get a picture, but he went off another way. My aunt and I thought he might come out the same way he'd gone earlier, so we waited by the door for a few minutes, and I thought my parents were right behind us, but they had stayed behind. They came up a few minutes later, saying that he walked right by them. There went my shot...PATIENCE. Sometimes if you just let things happen naturally, they work out a lot better.

We decided to go back upstairs to the Stadium Club, where we had reservations for lunch. On our way there, we happened to see Nancy Bea, who is pretty popular amongst Dodger fans. She's the pianist, and does all of the little jingles throughout the game, so I thought that was pretty exciting. We only had to wait about ten minutes, seeing as the other people in front of us wanted to tell her their life story! Eventually, I got a picture with her.

We made our way down to the Stadium Club, and it was packed! We actually didn't have to wait long, though. They took us out to a table on the patio, with a view overlooking the field. Our waiter was quite the jokester; he acted like he was going to take my aunt's camera, and was messing around with us the entire afternoon. We grabbed some food, and I think this had to be the best selection out of the past three years that we've been going. There were a lot of different salads, pastas, fruit, dodger dogs, meat, and cheese/crackers to choose from. I filled my plate quite a bit. For as much as they charge, you definitely want to get your money's worth. It was tasty, though. It was such a fun time getting to hang with family, stay out of this crazy California heat wave, and root for the Dodgers one last time. I started feeling really sick about midway through the game, and that was no fun...But, I drank some water and started to relax a little more. Unfortunately, we didn't win anything...But, on the bright side, the DODGER'S WON! And in the end, that's all that really matters ;).
As we were walking out, to get on the elevator, my mom was like, "There's whatshername...", so I glanced over in the direction that she was nodding. "Oh, that's Misty Mae Treanor!" I replied back. At first, I was just going to let it slide, but then I was like NO WAY...she just won another gold medal, I had to get a picture with her. She's a beast on the volleyball court, and it was cool that the olympics had just ended not too long ago. She was talking with an older couple...Possibly in-laws? I'm not sure. I hated to interrupt them, but I thought I'd just say her name to get her attention. I asked her for a picture and she seemed pretty hesitant, like she might not like being bothered, but she said, "Sure," and I thanked her. I can totally understand how hard it must be, being recognized everywhere you go or just not feeling like it some days. So, I was very appreciative that she did the take the time for me.

After the game, we stopped at Wal-Mart in Valencia, so I could pick up the new Katy Perry movie, which I was SO excited about.

Then, we headed straight home, because we had a lot of stuff to take care of before Monday. It was weird driving down the freeway when the sun was still out, because it's usually midnight when we're on the road. It was a nice kind of different. I'm going to miss going to the games so much! I have had such a blast this season, and have also gotten to see quite a few celebrities, which was fun! Just another reminder of how much I love LA. Good times, good times. Hopefully, we'll be able to make many more memories next season.

That's all for now,

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