July 7, 2012


Is there really such a thing as fate? A predestined life waiting for you, that no matter what you do you will end up in the exact place at the end of the road that you were supposed to? I'm not so sure about that. I want to, but how can you know for sure that there is only one path to take without plans changing or dreams shifting.

The 20s should be the most exciting time of our lives, but right now it just feels like a lot of putting the puzzle pieces together and things not adding up quite right. Even for my friends that are having the time of their lives and their wishes are coming true, they're still trying to keep the faith, instead of waiting for the ground to fall out from out from underneath them.

I guess in time we'll all end up where we're supposed to. Until then, we just need to keep the faith and know that God has a bigger plan.

That's all for now,

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