June 21, 2012

A Tugging At The Heart

Have you ever felt this unexplainable ache in your heart? Now, I'm not talking about a broken heart over somebody dumping you or realizing that your "soul mate" is not, in fact, your soul mate after all. I'm talking about something much deeper than that. I'm talking about this longing and desire to a calling that you might not even understand quite yet, but you know you need to do something about...and SOON.
Every time I get home from Nashville, I feel this way. I lie awake in bed at night just knowing that I'm 1,735 miles from where I need to be. I feel homesick for a place I've never called home. All of my life, I've had this stirring in my heart and as I get older I'm starting to come into what it means. God had been putting the pieces of my life's puzzle together and I'm starting to finally make sense of it all.
I'm learning that I need to shut out the voices in my head that are doubting the decision and what I can do. I need to shut out the people that don't believe in me or think it's not realistic enough. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but my God is much bigger than those meaningless opinions. I'm trusting in Him that if He gave me this dream, He's going to see to it that I make it all the way. He won't leave me hanging, trying to hitchhike my way there.
To sum it up, if you have a crazy dream, don't give up on it. It sounds cliche, but it's true. God plants gifts and dreams in our hearts, because He has plans that only we (as individuals) can carry out. This is OUR year. The year that we want life to play by our rules and for our dreams to come true. So, I'm not backing down anymore because I'm "scared" or I might not be "good enough." God's got my back and that's really all I need. The rest doesn't matter so much.

That's all for now,

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