June 25, 2012

This Weekend (Part One)

Yesterday was quite the adventure! I went with my parents, aunt and uncle to the OC area to meet up with some family friends to catch up. The guys went to an Angels/Dodgers game while the ladies went shopping. We did it last year and decided to start up a new tradition. We left around 9:30 or so to get down there around noon, but of course we hit traffic, so we were a little late. We had lunch at the Olive Garden which was actually in a mall. I had never seen that before, but it was really cool! Well, the service was a little slow and one of the waiters spilled the tea that was meant for me on my mom, accidentally. She got a 15$ gift card out of it though, so...SCORE! But, other than that it was great catching up with the others at the table. One of our friends works at Disneyland, so he always has great stories to tell and a lot of Disney related jokes which are a hoot LOL.

After, we went down to this Disney company store where they have a lot of great discounts. I found way too much, but decided to be somewhat wise with money and put a few things back. They had so many great deals so it was hard to do!

When we were done, the guys and gals split up so we could do our own planned activities. The gals went to South Coast Plaza; a mall that has just about every store imaginable and then some. I'd never been there, but I loved it. There were so many stores to choose from; we were there a few hours and still didn't make it to everything. We went to Macy's first, and I decided to go off on my own to look at another department. I had been looking around for a bit, when this random girl comes up to me acting like she knows me and asks if she can take me over to the Benefit makeup counter. Then, starts talking about my ring I was wearing; asking lots of questions. It was just a little too much at first, apparently I don't do well with surprises. Well, I was totally in my own head there for awhile so I was completely dumbfounded by her ambush. I followed her to the counter, where she starts looking at my skin more closely and is like asking me what kind of makeup I use, what face wash I use and all these other things. At first I was a little offended. Obviously, I don't have good skin and it used to make me feel really insecure. It's not that I love having it now, but I've learned to ignore it and not let it affect me or the kind of mood I'm having. She asked me if she could take off my makeup and give me a tutorial type thing and use some of the Benefit products. I was already there and didn't have anywhere else to be, so I said, "Sure!" After talking to her for a little while and letting her give me a makeover, I was really impressed with the makeup and the facial wash products she used. It turns out, she had a lot of the same problems with her skin that I have, so it was nice that she related to my problems and was able to give me some tips. Plus, it helped that she did have a really bubbly and outgoing personality. I ended up buying the facial wash package and so far, I'm really liking it.

We shopped a little while longer and ended up meeting the guys to decide where to go to dinner. Well, we got stuck in traffic and everyone wasn't sure who was going who, what we wanted to eat, etc. We decided on Cheesecake Factory, which isn't too far from Disneyland...That, paired with a nice restaurant on a Saturday night=BUSY. We decided to find somewhere else to eat and just kept driving. We ended up at Hometown Buffett, which wouldn't have really been our first choice, but hey, it was all part of the day. It wasn't bad either! They had a lot to choose from and it was nicer than ours. I haven't been there in years, so it was a nice change. As soon as we were done, we had to get on the road because it was already 10:00. We said goodbye to everyone and hit the freeway. I listened to some Chris Young (of course) for most of the way and listened to the comedy of my uncle from the front seat the rest. We were all laughing so hard, it was great. Those are some of the best moments for me...close quarters with my family and lots of laughs. There's nothing better than that.

I don't go down to Orange County very often, but when I do, I always notice just how gorgeous it is. It seems like the sunsets are a little more vibrant and everything just stands out a little more. Oh, and I can't forget how perfect the weather always seems to be! It's absolutely breathtaking down there :)
For once in the past several days, I was able to fall asleep within about ten minutes of getting in bed. Awesome day, I'll say.

Quote of the day:
*Chris Young comes on the radio* (Tomorrow....)
Uncle Bob: Is this Scotty?
Me: No, it's Chris Young
Uncle Bob: Really? Doesn't Scotty sing it too?
Me: No.
Uncle Bob: It sounds like him!
Me: Silent
Aunt Cara: It does sound like one of his songs
Me: Silent
(Face palm on the inside...LOL JK! But, it did make me laugh a little. I thought I'd post because Chris Young is the latest topic for me!)

Disney store

Yeah...yeah you do :/
That's all for now,

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