May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

"Life is so good it's sticky sweet, 
It's a carnival cotton candy treat,
Unwrap it like a lollipop-LICK IT!
Ey, we got a one way ticket."
~Carrie Underwood~

Life has been really good lately. Maybe it's just the fact that summer's coming up and school is finishing...or maybe it's just the fact that I'm just really appreciating the ups, downs and everything in between again.
Friday, I was a little wiped out from the Carrie taping, but was ready to start a new day. My mom and I got ready, did our usual Friday errands, and ended up having lunch with my aunt. We had a few minutes to kill, so we went into this store, Belladagio. They have the cutest home accessories and furniture; I was mentally decorating my place in my head. Although, I guess it'll probably be awhile before I can actually decorate anything seeing as I don't even have a job yet. We walked across the street to have lunch at Victor's Mexican Grill; SO GOOD. I decided to try something different and get the fish tacos. They were really good! It was fun catching up with my aunt. She's been working a lot, so I haven't really seen much of her lately. After, we ran to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for dinner, and the rest of the day was spent finishing up last minute homework and packing. We also watched Jimmy Kimmel back on TV! I could see my phone case, part of my mom's head, and my friend Rebecca. It was such a fun experience. Oh, and Jimmy Kimmel wears a lot of make up for the taping...LOL.

Saturday morning, I got to sleep in a bit, we did last minute things around the house and headed out. We ended up taking flowers out to the cemetery where my grandma is. I'm not exactly sure why people think it's necessary to do things like that on holidays, because the loved ones aren't there anymore...but I had no choice in going out there. I think the last time I went out there was two years ago for the funeral. I don't like doing the whole cemetery thing; it's just weird to me. Some people need that, and I get it, but I'm not one of them. Since both of my parents' mom's have passed away, the past few years we've gone out of town. The year before last was Dodger weekend, last year was California Adventures with some family friends and this year was more Dodger games! It's better that way, in my opinion. It's a new tradition.
We weren't at the cemetery for very long, which was good and jumped on the freeway. We ended up going a back way, which feels like it takes hours to get there, but it was fun. We were all in good moods and just messing around with each other. We made a quick pit stop and hit the road again. We finally got to LA around 2 or so. I had been wanting to check out the new WB exhibit at the Paley Center, which is actually in Beverly Hills close to Rodeo Drive. They had props and costumes from so many shows that I've watched over the years and reminded me of why I love Warner Brothers so much. I got to see popular items from Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars, ER, The Vampire Diaries, Friends and so many others. They say they change items out weekly, so you have to keep checking back in case something new arrives. I was freaking out over all of it.

When we finished at the WB exhibit, we looked around at some of the shops in the area. I found my new favorite store; Paper Source. They have just about every kind of journal, scrapbook, pen, or anything else related to writing and creating that you could imagine. I could've spent so much money in there. I did end up getting a journal in there that was just really inspiring and I loved the message behind it.

We went to Gap for a short time, then had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. By that time, we were getting really pushed to get to the Dodger game, so we headed out as soon as possible. The game was a blast! I felt like I ate so much. It was a little chilly out, but it was such a gorgeous spring night. And....THE DODGERS WON! They are really on a roll this season and I love it. Plus, Lamar Odom, Sharon Stone and Eric Stonestreet were all there. It was a busy night lol.

We checked into our hotel and decided to go back out again for dinner. We had Panda Express, since it was right across the street, then decided to go driving around in the Toluca Lake area. It's known as the "Disney" neighborhood, but it's also the kind of neighborhood you see in movies. Those quiet suburb streets that look picturesque and you don't think really exist. Toluca Lake is all of those things. There are so many gorgeous houses; none of them look exactly alike, yet somehow they all flow together. We rode around for awhile, listening to music and just laughing. Those are some of my favorite moments that I'll miss when I move out. Which again is probably a long time from now...I don't know why I'm getting so sentimental ;) haha. By the time we got back to the room, we were pretty wiped out. But by the time I got ready for bed, I wasn't all that tired. I wrote for a little while and decided to watch interviews of Colton Dixon on YouTube. That guy is seriously so inspiring and so talented.

The next morning, we woke up to the sun beaming bright through our window. Although it was a little hazy, it was beautiful out. For some reason, I love waking up in hotel rooms. For one thing, it's nothing like my room at home where I can barely see the floor and there's something about waking up in a different city that makes the possibilities seem endless. We listened to some Mother's Day type songs (Like My Mother Does) and decided to finally get ready. I was so cozy though, I didn't want to go anywhere HAHA. We checked out of the hotel and had lunch at one of our regular spots, Ernie Jr's. We killed time for a bit at the Glendale Galleria mall before the restaurant opened, which was fun, then headed back.

Happy Mother's Day to the most incredible mom around!! :D I love her so much.  She's the Lorelai to my Rory, and I don't know what I'd do without her.

Close to one, we drove to Dodger Stadium for another game. It was packed! It almost felt like opening day again. We didn't even get the Andre Ethier tote bags they were giving out either; we were bummed. Anyway, the game felt like it went by slower because it was SO hot just sitting there. My legs burned extremely fast! But, Andre and Mattingly got kicked out of the came, all because they got onto the ref for making a bad call. It was crazy! Andre doesn't lose his temper ever either...and in all the games we've been to, I've never seen that happen. It was pretty intense. It wasn't looking very good for the Dodger's at the beginning, but somehow they managed to pull it off once again...and WE WON! 

We ended up leaving a few minutes early, since it was Mother's Day and went to IKEA in Burbank, because we'd never been. It's incredible, but also incredibly overwhelming. There are so many different sections filled with stuff and as you keep walking, it just keeps turning into a different section. I ended up getting a new duvet cover and my parents got a chair. Their prices are so reasonable, it's ridiculous! You really have to be in the mood to spend the entire day there, otherwise, you'll poop out quickly like I did. HAHA. We stopped for dinner in Valencia at Five Guys burgers, then came home. We ended up getting stuck in traffic, so I entertained us with the music selection, even though my iPod decided to be dumb and take almost everything off. 

The rest of the night, I got my room straightened up a bit, studied for finals, and started watching The Vampire Diaries. I think that could possibly be my new favorite show! So excited to see what happens! AH!

That's all for now. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend with your mom's!
<3 Shelby

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