May 15, 2012

Last Day Of The Semester

I can't believe that time is here again. The end of a semester and another school year. I can't believe I'm officially a junior in college, it's so weird to think about. Yesterday was a totally out of the norm day, but I loved it. I went to my friend, Taylor's house so we could carpool together. While waiting for Taylor to finish getting ready, I checked my Twitter updates and found out the most awesome news about filming going on in Wilmington. Apparently, the new Nicholas Sparks movie, Safe Haven will be filming out that way starting this summer. It will also be starring one of my favorites, Josh Duhamel. Now, if Bethany Joy Lenz gets cast that would really be icing on the cake! Rumor has it Jennifer Aniston might also have a movie filming back there. I am so excited! I hope more information comes out about it. We got out to school a little early, so we studied in the library for a bit. But, I'm not exactly sure how much it helped. The geography final was totally not what I was expecting; it wasn't really hard, but I don't think I did that great either. Everyone was kind of iffy about it.

After I finished the exam, I met up with my friend, Michele in the library and then we decided to walk around. We went into the cafeteria to get something to eat, but it was packed with people and almost had a hospital food smell to it, so I wasn't sure of what to get. I ended up with pretzels and an ice tea. Michele and I went out to the tables to hang out, because we both had time to kill. It was so nice outside! We really do have a great campus, even though we're a small community college. They do a really great job at keeping it clean and making sure it looks good. I've been able to spend a lot more time in the quad this semester, which has been fun. You can meet up with a lot of people out there or just sit and admire what's around you. I started reading Nicholas Sparks' book, "The Wedding." Everyone has said it's really good and I wanted to read another fiction book, so I found my copy and started reading. So far, so good!
A little later, we met up with Taylor and her friend, Grant for lunch. We went down to the Jolly Cone or Frosty Freeze down the street. I got the bright idea to be a little healthier, so I thought I'd try the veggie burger. Word of advice, always ask what is ON the veggie burger before ordering. It ended up being veggies on a bun: tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, lettuce, and bell peppers. Basically everything I'm not that crazy about. We sat outside and talked for awhile, then our friend Moriah met up with us after her final. Taylor told us her mom's uncle plays the drums for Santana, Michele told us about moving up from the LA area, and Grant talked a little about working at a radio station. If nothing else, this semester has really helped me to get to know so many people around school. I never would've imagined how close I'd become with so many out there. It has been a blast! Plus, I've been introduced to a lot of great music on our way out there.
Next up was our sociology final. We had to turn in a paper of five questions that he had given us a couple weeks ago and present one of them to the class. It was so interesting hearing about everyone's families and their experiences of getting over to America. It made me realize how much some of us that are born here take it for granted: going to school, the freedom we have, and the way we just expect it all. This class definitely changed my perspective on people and how we all have our stories and backgrounds. It's what makes us who we are. Our teacher really made this class so much more enjoyable than it sounded when I first signed up for it. I got up to give my "talk" about my friend Martin, and his experience of coming over to America from Mexico. Our professor had a hard time coming up with a question to ask me when I finished, because he said I had made some really good points. He ended up coming up with something about video games and whether that helps people assimilate better; I agreed that it did. I took a seat and felt so relieved that it was done. From there, I was really able to enjoy everyone else's stories. It's cool to see how diverse all of us really are from one another and how our stories were all so different, but we all had the same goal in have a better life out here.
The class went a lot longer than we had all anticipated, and by the end of class we were all feeling a little antsy and my head was throbbing. However, I did find out about a new website from Moriah called "Stumble Upon" during class. It's basically like Pinterest/Ology! They have a lot of great things on there. Taylor, Moriah and I decided to take some pictures after class to document our moments together...Good times!

When I got home, I took a short break by trying out this idea I'd seen on Pinterest. Freeze some coffee into ice cubes, put in almond milk and voila! So good.

I decided to get my government final out of the way. My brain was totally fried after that...but now...I AM DONE! The rest of the night was relaxed and I can officially say that summer is here! I'm not looking forward to taking summer classes online, but at least it will put me ahead for fall.  I'm praying I can get everything worked out with my math class because I really want to get it out of the way and be done with it. The rest of the night I relaxed. I talked with my parents for awhile, watched The Bachelorette a little, and decided to work on a couple stories that I have in the works. If you're interested in reading them, let me know!
That's all for now,
Shelby <3

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