April 14, 2012

Friday The 13th...You Aren't That Scary!

Today was such a wonderful day. It was cloudy and rainy, which doesn't usually motivate me to want to go anywhere; I usually just like to pop in one of my favorite movies or TV shows and drink hot tea. We hadn't really planned on going anywhere either.

I did my daily devotion, lounged around awhile, and then my mom came in with a Taylor Swift gift bag while I was getting ready. It's not my birthday or anywhere close to a big holiday, so I wasn't sure what it could be. I threw back the tissue paper and there was an iPad 2 box just sitting there. I was completely surprised! It's technically for my graduation present whenever I get done at the community college I'm going to (which should be soon). They just knew that the iPad 2's would all be gone by the time I was able to get one. Plus, my mom was ordering one anyway. I immediately started downloading apps and getting everything set up, because I was so excited...and called my dad to say, "THANK YOU!"

My aunt ended up calling not too long after, asking if we wanted to go to lunch, so we went to Olive Garden and ran to one of the grocery stores close by to pick up a few items that she needed.

I was able to relax for a few minutes, then off to my church I went to help out with the weekly announcements. I'll admit that I was a little nervous; not really sure of what to expect and my first real experience in dealing with a camera. If communications/media is the line of work I want to get into I had better start getting used to it right? It was so much fun getting to be with Viviyan, Derek and Martin. Martin and Derek are the media team at church and do the weekly announcements, but they decided to add us into the mix, because of an idea Martin had with us the other night. It was cool actually being able to be one of the ones involved in the process, rather than just sitting in the audience like I usually am. It helps me appreciate it so much more now; there's a lot more that goes into it than the 3-5 minutes we see on Sunday's. We had a blast taking directions from the masters, and just being able to hang out with one another. They said we were naturals and are now "part of the team", which is exciting! They said they're gonna try to incorporate us more, since we're totally open to it :) Acting is such an escape for me. I know I've expressed my love for film and that whole industry world before, but there's just something about it. It's like the minute you step on stage and that camera goes on, the nerves go away and you step into this completely different world. You're not you...you can be anyone you want to be, or whoever the script tells you to be and that's the most exciting thing. It's all about using your imagination and creating this story. Maybe it's completely unbelievable and far-fetched, or maybe it's something that happened to you just last week. Either way, you're helping someone out.

I took a quiz for my Film class, which went alright and the rest of the night was spent at home with my parents, as we all messed around on our iPads. And watched the Lionel Richie special! For being Friday, the 13th, it was an incredible day! I can't wait to see what this weekend holds.

Here are some pictures from the day's shoot and otherwise:

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend :)

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