March 12, 2012

Why Does Everybody Love Saturday Night?

This weekend was interesting; pretty eventful and fun. Saturday, we ended up driving to Valencia for the day because there was this restaurant that sounded really good to me up there. We ate at Woodranch, did a little shopping, and tried out this ice cream parlor that my parents have been telling me about forever (Farrell's Ice Cream). It was pretty tasty!

Later on, we ended up ordering some new iPod, iPhone, and computer cases! I am SO excited to get it in the mail and show all of you :). We went to Sonic for dinner, and ended up going to Target because my mom needed to get something! 

Mittens got a brand new bed :) He loves it!

Couldn't sleep at all really. Tossing and turning should really be considered a sport for as much as I did it. In those times, you just have to pray and trust God that the storm you're going through will eventually pass and you'll be better for it in the end.

That's all for now,

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