March 12, 2012

Hit The Lights, Camera, Action!

(Photo credit: I Am That Girl's Site)
Friday morning my mom and I headed down to LA for the day, which is the best way to spend one, in my opinion. I just love it down there. If I could live there, I totally would. Anyway, we stopped in Valencia because I wanted to check for this magazine called, Zooey, with an article on One Tree Hill's Bethany Joy Galeotti. I was so excited when they actually had it! We also ended up just eating lunch down in that area, because otherwise we would've been pushed for time. It worked out much better!

We got down to LA in no problem after that, it just gets a little tricky downtown and getting off the freeway!

We went to FIDM (Fashion Institute LA) to check out this student store they have on campus. I think it's basically a store where students design/make clothes and they're really cheap. They had jewelry, dresses, shoes, magazines, and a few bags. It was cool getting to the students come in, looking for material and other necessities probably having waited until the last minute for a project. You can also definitely tell they're from LA; they just give it off that vibe. I got some earrings that were 4/1$, bracelets, a few magazines, and a scarf for a total of four dollars and change. Crazy right?
Also on the campus was an area where some Oscar nominated movie costumes were being held. We saw costumes from The Help, The Artist, Marilyn, War Horse, etc. We weren't allowed to take pictures, but it was really awesome. It was unbelievable how tiny most of the costumes were. Hollywood standards are seriously unrealistic.

Channeling my inner Brooke Davis ;)

We got done pretty quickly there, so we just decided to head over to Warner Brothers studio. We looked around at the studio shop for awhile, grabbed a Starbucks, and got in line. We were extremely early, but I wanted to make sure I got in.

We met a really nice girl, Jessie, who was visiting from Nashville. She told us about some of her friends and how they'll randomly see Keith and Nicole or Lady A has stopped into their gym and Hillary brought them cupcakes. It was cool hearing her stories! It didn't take long at all for them to get us on the lot and seated in the soundstage (#5 just in case you're ever there). I always find it fascinating before the show to watch the producers, directors and writers running around frantically making last minute adjustments on things and seeing how it all comes together. I'm so in love with the craft and the behind the scenes process that every time I go to a taping or event of some sort, it reminds me of why I love it so much.
It took awhile to get the show started, but once they did it went straight through. It technically wasn't a taping; it was just a rehearsal for the real thing on Wednesday, which is the Pilot episode. and mainly for the network execs It was very exciting to be in the studio at such a crucial moment for all of them. Apparently it is in the number one show slot to be picked up for the Fall fingers crossed! I thought it was a pretty funny show. Being that it was the first episode, it's hard to see where they'd take the rest of the season because it seemed that there's not much of a main plot and everything is finalized...but, who knows, by Wednesday they could've changed the script to something completely different.
But, of course, it would figure that the one time we have dead center seats to see perfectly, Sophia's scenes were on the complete opposite sides and one was off screen altogether. Thank goodness for monitors, but for most of the show it felt like she wasn't even there. Oh well, though. At the end, they introduced the entire cast and they all came back out. I kept waving my One Tree Hill season 6 booklet and trying to get her to come over to sign, but she was talking to cast mates and other crew members. She did finally wave to us, though, and that was awesome :D A few seconds after that she had to leave.
I ended up meeting one of my Twitter friends, Rebecca and her friend, Stephanie, and we all sort of walked out together with Jessie. We ended up talking for an hour or so in the parking garage. She told us all kinds of amazing stories about being an extra on One Tree Hill and visiting Wilmington. We also covered Country music, things she's interning for, and whatever else came up. It was a lot of fun getting to know them. We even got to see some of the smaller part actors from Partners walking into the car garage to leave.
My mom and I had planned on eating at Paty's diner, because it's a tradition basically, but it got to be too late and we had to get home.

We stopped at In-N-Out and headed home. All in all, it was a really amazing day, and I'm so glad I got to share it with my mom.

That's all for now,

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