March 12, 2012


Yesterday was a fundraising day for the Young Adults team at church for our Catalyst convention next month! I'm so incredibly excited about it, and it has been fun volunteering for these things, getting to meet new people and to see all that God is doing in each of our lives. I got to church at 8:30, and we all got straight to work. We were selling hamburger lunches, so first we had to box everything up. We had quite the system of laying out boxes, putting mayo, mustard and lettuce inside each box and getting them outside, so the guys could start preparing the patty's. I was in charge of the was pretty disgusting really. Ceci and I were singing Taylor Swift songs and joking with Viviyan, which is really what all of these things are about, forming closer relationships with everyone, and most importantly, God.
We didn't sell many lunches at the 8:30 service, because more people are thinking about breakfast still than a hamburger LOL.

I went to the 10:00 service with my parents, which was really good. It was about making each moment count, and focusing on what you do have instead of what you don't. It was about giving time to the things that are important in life (God, family, friends, etc).
"Where your heart is, your treasure will be there also."
After service ended, it was straight back to volunteering. This time, I helped Jasmine out with the money a little, and then got to season some meat with Martin. That was really interesting! LOL. We also brainstormed for our possible documentary and some other things we'd like to film in the future...with a possible Kung Fu scene? I think so ;) hee hee. 

Love these girls! It was a pleasure hanging out with them all day :)
We sold some more lunches after the 12:00 service, then it was time to pack up. We were all pretty much exhausted by that point, but we raised a lot of money for the convention....So, WOO HOO :D. It was an awesome day.
When I got home, my parents had bought me this marshmallow lollipop, that reminded me of something from Katy Perry's Candifornia tour. It was so good and sickening sweet too! I think they would make really cool decorations for a candy bar at a party of some sort. 
I hung out at home for awhile, had dinner at Panera with my parents, and went to Bible study at 7. It was fantastic. We were all still feeling pretty tired with the time change and fundraising at first, but we were all able to hear a lot from one another and what God wanted us to hear. We also celebrated Alex's birthday, so it was a really special day! I am so glad I'm able to be connected with other believers and that I can start my week off with a great start, being able to share what I'm going through and know that I'm not alone in whatever it is I'm facing. They've always got my back! 
When I got home, I ended up watching the series finale of Wonder Years, because we have it on DVD. That will always be mine and my dad's show. I grew up watching it on Nick at Nite every night with him. That's what TV should be about; insightful and teach life lessons...Kevin Arnold did just that. It brought me back to a lot of good times; simpler times of being a kid and longing for my childhood again (even though I know I'm not that old). I feel like Wonder Years will always connect us no matter what happens!

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