March 23, 2012

This Week In Review

It's that time of the week again...FRIDAY! :D This week was pretty good; booked a vacation, carpooling with friends to school, and a few other things in between. But, I'm so glad the weekend is here. Let me give you a short run-down of this week.

It was grocery shopping and the typical errands :/ And me putting off homework as always.
Oh, the things you'll find at Wal-Mart! Hahahahah

Officially going to South Carolina and Wilmington this September :D I am beyond thrilled! 
Doctor's appointment. I had a lot of time to kill waiting for the doctor to come in, so this is what I did....

Picked up maps for our vacation! Yay!
My mom and I did a little shopping and then I tried to get some homework out of the way. It was very kick back! 

Carpooled with some friends from school to class; playing good music and chatting it up. Classes went pretty smooth and a lot quicker than Tuesday! We went to lunch afterwards at this diner in town, which was really fun. They were playing country music (KUZZ), so I liked it as soon as we walked in. The food was really good and it gave us all a chance to talk more. 
When I got home, I didn't really want to stay cooped up in the house the rest of the day, so my mom and I went out. We went to the mall and Michael's to work on my poster for the Kelly Clarkson concert next Thursday! :D So excited! I haven't seen her in person since I was about 11 or 12...I still can't even believe she's been out that long; it feels like just yesterday that she won American Idol. 
I rearranged my room, and ran a couple errands later last night with my parents and we went out to dinner! 

Reminded me of something Julian Baker once said :)
Mittens catching up on his Netflix last night!

I woke up, did my devotional, and started getting ready. My mom and I ran errands for most of the afternoon and I wasn't in the best of moods, unfortunately :( We went to Panera, Target, Kohl's, and the car wash. It was still good spending time with her, though. When we got home, I made a cake for my dad's birthday tomorrow and did some last minute homework. I popped in a few One Tree Hill dvd's and had a mini marathon, while making my poster for the Kelly Clarkson concert next Thursday! I'm SO excited! All of that actually put me in a better mood and calmed me down from whatever was bothering me.
Just a bonus picture of the little "travel guide" I made this week for Wilmington...I have way too much time on my hands!

Poster for the Kelly concert :D
Amazing website that inspires me!

That's all for now,

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