January 16, 2012

My Birthday Weekend

Friday, I turned 20 years old. I'm still in shock about that, but it's finally starting to hit me...and it's a really cool feeling. To celebrate, I went to breakfast with my mom and we saw Joyful Noise, which was a pretty good movie. There were some parts I wasn't crazy about it, but I liked the overall message. We came home and relaxed for the afternoon, and got all dressed up for dinner with my family that night. It was so good getting to spend the day with all of my loved ones :) After, my aunts and uncle came back to our house for cake and ice cream for a bit. Then, I opened my gifts from my parents. I got some perfume (Hot Couture), which I believe is what Taylor Swift wore at one time and it smells amazing!

Yesterday (Saturday) I spent most of the afternoon with my best friend, because it was pretty much our last day together. We grabbed In-N-Out, watched While You Were Sleeping, and got something at Starbucks. We also took crazy pictures and made a couple random videos. That was awesome! And finally it was time to say goodbye :*(...but soon it shall be May and she'll be home once again! YAY!

Last night, I went out to dinner at PF Changs with the girls from church. We had so much fun, as always, and so many inside jokes were made, like: "Is it heated?" "Yes, it's a hot tub!" or telling the waiter, "It's Shelby's birthday.... The one at the end," because the waiter has no idea who I am! hahaha. Most likely, no one else will understand the humor, and that's okay. We got some yogurt at Yogurtland after dinner, then headed back to Hillary's house where we dipped our feet in the hot tub and had a great heart to heart. We talked for a couple hours about life and the things we're looking forward to this year! Good things are definitely in store. I am so grateful for them.

From the devotion book Viviyan got me!! LOVE it. 
Today (Sunday) was just amazing. I had to wake up around 6:30, after going to bed close to 2. It was really hard pulling myself out of bed, but I woke up with no problem. I got my usual Starbucks and made it to church for sound check. I had so much fun singing on the worship team and hanging out with everyone backstage...so many laughs! Lol. The sermon today was amazing too. This is OUR year; don't let the enemy, fear, or negative thoughts creep in and try to take away what incredible plans God has for us. It's time to keep going after those dreams that you've put on hold...it's our time to shine. 2012 is going to be the best year of most of our lives...a lot of defining moments are taking place right at this second!

Bracelet Mandy got me! :D Super cute! 
Taylor Swift cards Mandy got me!!! 

I spent most of the afternoon not feeling so well and trying to take a nap, but it didn't quite work out...and watching the Golden Globes didn't help. They were extremely boring this year; I was disappointed. Hopefully the Oscars will be more exciting. *Fingers crossed*

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