November 28, 2011


“I truly believe that deep down every man wants to feel like a warrior and every woman wants to feel like a princess. Our feminine hearts were meant to be vulnerable and protected. A real man will want a woman who is soft and vulnerable, after all, how can a guy be a warrior if the princess is defending herself? Men were made to defend. You deserve to be pursued (contrary to everything you may read or hear about the “modern woman”). Stand up for yourself and be strong and be a pioneer and be brave, but don’t lose your femininity in that. Don’t lose your ability to be vulnerable, because vulnerability is beautiful. You are a rare gem, precious and deeply loved. You don’t have to advertise yourself or convince guys that you are worth dating. If a guy needs convincing, he’s not the one for you. The man who is right for you will be able to see past any “shyness” (which he will think is wonderful, by the way), and he’ll fall in love. Meanwhile, don’t let your identity be defined by whether or not guys like you. KNOW the truth, BELIEVE it, even when you’re not “feeling” it, and the right one will come along when you least expect it! After all, wouldn’t you rather be surprised?” -Bethany Joy

THIS. Love it!

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