September 7, 2011

Speech Class

Are speeches my favorite thing in the world to do? No. Are they as bad as they used to be? No. I actually don't mind them TOO much now, and I'm getting better with giving speeches. I've always gotten decent grades on them, I'd just always get SO nervous! I feel much more confident, since I've grown up from the days of JR. Hi=awkward phase, thank goodness!
If I'm wanting to get into Journalism, or any other kind of job in the public eye, and I do, then this class is exactly what I need. It's all about the basics of speech: writing one, how to give one, overcoming stage fright, etc. So far I'm enjoying it! :)

Friday, I'll be giving my first "official" speech for a grade. The last one we did was just an introduction to get to know the class. This time around we're doing demonstrations. Today was the first day, and it went great! It's so cool to get to learn more about everyone in the class, though you might not ever talk to them, or get to know them personally. A lot of personalities come through with these speeches; one girl did color guard techniques, another did kickboxing, hair extensions, and a guy did recycling. It was fun! And eased some of my nerves about what I have planned for mine!

I'm making "Snow Capped Chocolate Crinkle Cookies"! I had to make a power point for my speech, so I took some pictures yesterday! Here are a few of them!  :)

Nervous, but excited to get it over with on Friday! Hopefully there'll be enough class time to go! The holiday set us back a little lol.

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