September 7, 2011


With Halloween quickly approaching, I started thinking about the costumes. A lot of costumes these days come with masks; like The Joker, the famous "Scream" guy, skeletons, Chewbacca, etc. It hides who the person really is, and what that person is hiding.
That's not the only time masks come out; people use them in everyday life as well, but they aren't as easy to spot. People use "masks" or facades for different things, like past hurts, mistakes, relationships, insecurities, etc. I think in some ways, we all wear masks at some point or another. We all have those things that no one, or a select few know about us. We're ashamed of them, it's not like we want to air our dirty laundry to the world, because we think it makes things too complicated or messy! But, what I've learned is things to tend to become more complicated when you hide the truth, because you're hiding who you are. It's not always going to be easy, but you'll be better for it in the end. The more honest you are, the more free you'll be. Maybe I should take more of my advice. I know what to do, but don't always do it.
God's forgiveness can change everything for us, and we don't have to look back. I tend to beat myself up over a lot of the crap I've done, said, or things I SHOULD'VE done, even after I've talked to God about...but then I remember His grace. All we have to do is admit that we were wrong, repent, and change our old habits. It's never too late to be exactly who God has created you to be. It won't be an overnight process, and it can get discouraging at times, but it will be worth it in the end.

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