August 12, 2014

My Weekend

I haven’t really gotten out that much this summer. Most of my friends are busy working, I haven’t felt like getting out much (because it’s SO HOT out) or no one really wants to hang out, etc. I have done some fun things, but like I’ve mentioned on the day to day, I just need to get out more and explore. I’m starting to go a little crazy being inside all day. I need to push myself to get out more. I mean, mainly my life has revolved around Taylor Swift album news and crossing my fingers about getting Justin Timberlake tickets. 

But, I digress. You’ve heard enough about all of that. 

Friday was basically perfect. My aunt came over, we went to lunch at my favorite diner in town, then we went to several consignment stores. It was so fun looking at all of these random places, because you never know what treasures you’re going to find. I found a shirt for two dollars and it’s super cute. We went to another store with all kinds of antique treasures, odds and ends. I found a few small trinkets for my best friend, and just loved getting lost in inspiration with all sorts of things, like trunks, signs, and all kinds of other random things that you might be looking for. The people who run it were incredibly nice and talkative too, which helped. 

We also went to my favorite used book store, because I was wanting to find the movie “On The Line,” the one with Joey and Lance from *NSYNC. The last time I was there I saw it, and was hoping they still had it. And they did! I also hadn’t been in awhile, so I wanted to check out any other books that might have appeared in the mean time. I love that store so much. But, we didn’t spend a very long time there, because it was incredibly hot outside and I was losing energy. We also went to Target to pick up a few things. 

We stopped at Sam’s Club to pick up a few necessities, then came home. I was so glad, because I was wiped out. I had also started not feeling good. My aunt left, then my mom and I watched the new episode of “Girl Meets World,” and I was starting to feel extremely nauseous. I decided to lay down for awhile, then my mom made me some hot tea. I felt awful and eventually threw up. The rest of the night I felt awful. 

It got even worse from there. I’ve been trying SO hard to see Justin Timberlake in concert and MasterCard is giving away tickets. So, all week my mom and I have been tweeting about it. Well, she got a DM about “Priceless Surprises,” but missed the message. They had sent it in the middle of the night, then tweeted again earlier that morning. She hadn’t been on Twitter and doesn’t get notifications to her phone. She messaged them as soon as she saw it, but by that time it was too late. I couldn’t believe it. I had been SO close and just like that, the moment was gone. *sigh* I decided to take a shower, then lay down on the couch for awhile - getting on my computer and such. 

My dad came home, we ate dinner (I just had soup), then we talked about the crazy events of the day and how hopefully something works out so I can see him in concert. That’s all I really want. The rest of the evening was pretty laid back, chilling on the couch and watching Jimmy Fallon. Good times. I fell asleep pretty quickly after I went to bed, which was nice. 

Today, I felt incredibly lazy. I didn’t feel like doing anything or going anywhere. I woke up a little earlier, stayed in bed for awhile, then moved the party out to the couch. I cuddled up with my blanket, trying to fall asleep again and not doing anything at all. I started watching White Collar for a bit, then decided on 7th Heaven. I also started reading Diane Keaton’s book, “Think Again,” which is really good so far and I’m only a few pages in. 

My dad came home, we hung out at home for awhile/got ready, then headed out to lunch. We went to Outback and it was so good. I was also just glad I felt hungry. We had bread, salad and the bloomin’ onion, then my mom and I split the chicken on the barbie with veggies. So tasty. I also like that we’ve gotten to know several servers there over the years, so we get to chat with them. It makes things more interesting, you know? Plus, they had the best music playing. I heard Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, Kris Allen and Kelly Clarkson. There were probably a few others, but those were my favorites. 

After lunch, my dad kept asking if we wanted to do anything. But, we didn’t have anything in mind. I still wasn’t feeling the greatest, so I kind of just wanted to go home. I was also debating on whether I wanted to go to the party I had planned on. It was a bit of “social anxiety” and just not feeling good. We drove around, then ended up at home. We just watched TV and found some random show on the cooking channel about donuts. I was actually rather fascinated with it. I was laying down, just getting on my phone….Trying to perk up or to not feel bored. My dad was still asking if we wanted to do anything, but there’s not really much to do around here. Plus, I was still trying to decide if I really wanted to go to the party or if I felt 100%. You know, the usual.

Eventually I said we should just go to Hobby Lobby to look around. So, we got in the car and start making our way down the road, when my dad asks if I had come home to get ready. Apparently I hadn’t “dressed up enough.” And really I hadn’t. I was in a shirt, jean shorts, flip flops and my hair was in some weird messy bun with a Pink Pewter headband. For a wedding reception, I guess I should have dressed up more, but I felt like “whatever” at the time and didn’t care. I didn’t feel great and I was still trying to decide whether I was going to end up going. After that, I got a bit of a ‘tude and told my dad to just turn around. 

We came home several seconds later and I went straight to my closet to find a dress. I didn’t feel like I had anything that I really wanted to wear, but decided on a peach dress from Forever 21. It seemed very dainty and perfect for the occasion. I touched up my makeup and curled my hair. I felt much better. I think dressing the part really does help you feel better about yourself. It completely changed my mood. 

We went to Home Goods for a few minutes, then my parents dropped me off at the location of the party. I have my license, but I just don’t drive very often. I usually don’t have much reason to, and it works out for the time being. 

I had such a wonderful time at the party, and I’m so glad I was feeling better and decided to go. I’ve known this particular group of friends since I was 12 years old when I started 7th grade. I was closer to some than others, but in high school we all formed a special bond. It’s crazy to me that it has been that long. I mean, that’s a little over half of our lives. WHAT?! We’ve been through it all together — the awkward stages, crushes, breakups, first relationships, driving, bad grades, high school drama, going away to college, family stuff, deaths, etc. Everything that happened and helped us find ourselves was experienced together. So, it’s crazy to me to see my friends now, as most most of them have graduated, they’re starting careers, moving away/settling in permanently, and now, of course, getting married. We don’t hang out as often as we used to, at least not all of us together, and I realize now how much I miss the high school days with all of us eating lunch or just going to the football games. 

I arrived a little later, but luckily my friends were standing right at the front by a table. We all stood around for a few minutes chatting, then decided to grab a table. We were there for the rest of the evening. It was warm to start, but as the evening progressed and the sun went down, it started cooling down. Everything was just so adorable. There were lantern lights lit like the Tea Cups at Disneyland, antique props on the tables, and lots of people mingling. Liz and I grabbed something to drink (Strawberry Lemonade), popcorn, and candy. It was very tasty. Then, we chatted with the guys and took pictures with Cory and his new bride. It was lovely. We also had a nice little talk about how I've been feeling left out and I don't feel so bad anymore. They love me, they really do. At the end of the day, that's what I have to remember. 

“I just realized everything I have is someday gonna be gone,” from Taylor Swift’s song “Never Grow Up” is the line that comes to mind. Liz, Thomas and Andrew, while Cory was walking around with his wife as we talked about our “Secret Santa” that we do every year. Everything is changing so much, we’re not sure that we’d be able to do it, at least like we’ve done it in the past. That’s when it really hit me that we’re growing up and nothing is ever really going to be the same. Growing up is a funny thing.
Music was playing softly in the background (a lot of classic love songs and later some classic party tunes), so people were dancing and just enjoying themselves. Our table was catching up with the each others’ lives, then Liz and Thomas were playing Cards Against Humanity or something like that. They were going to hang out at Thomas’ house, but I always head home earlier than everyone else. Liz said she’d give me a ride home, but she ended up dropping me off at Denny’s to meet up with my parents. I shared an Omelette with my mom and had a diet coke. It was tasty. 

We came home, I took a shower and got ready for bed. I watched the news (because I’m practically 80) and then turned in for the night. I was surfing the web, scrolling through Instagram, then turned on The Office and fell asleep. 

I woke up much earlier today for a Sunday and felt a little bit better. I just stayed in bed for awhile, scrolling through Instagram and mentally preparing for the day. Does anyone else do that? Lol. I finally got out of bed, but took my time getting ready and even had time to eat some banana nut bread for breakfast. So tasty! I put on my makeup and got dressed, then it was time to go. Church was so good for my heart. It’s a fabulous new series that our pastors started last week for the battle of the mind, and this week was to see how Christ sees us. So many times we can be so hard on ourselves and limit ourselves, not realizing the power of God and what He can do. 

After service, we had lunch at BJ’s Brewery with some family friends. My parents and I shared a pizza, since I haven’t been eating very much, it was plenty. I also had a delicious Caesar salad. We talked with our friends as they told us about their trip to Vegas and we made plans for our visit to the Queen Mary. It was a very good time. 

The first half of the afternoon was very relaxed, and that’s just the way I like it. And then, the greatest thing of all happened….MY MOM WON TICKETS TO SEE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE TICKETS AT THE STAPLES CENTER. I couldn’t believe it. It’s funny how a split second can change everything. The second half of the afternoon was a range of emotions - chaotic, exciting, intense, and mostly, just really wonderful. It didn’t totally even sink in that it was happening. I text one of my closest friends (and HUGE Justin fan), Viviyan, to see if she wanted to go with me. She said yes, of course, so we freaked out together and teared up a bit. 

Pretty soon, we left to visit my grandparents, so I was totally frazzled…Like, ah! I’m going to see Justin Timberlake on Tuesday/need to work out details, I don’t really feel so well, gotta put on more makeup, and oh, I hope I have everything. We stopped at Sonic to pick up dinner, which was very eventful as we ordered all kinds of food and it looked like it was just for the three of us (since there was no drive thru). Then, we made it to my grandparents’ house. We ate, watched “Heaven Is For Real,” which everyone really enjoyed and visited with my grandpa and grandma. We’ve been spending our Sundays with them lately, and I’ve really enjoyed the quality family time, since we don’t get to do it often these days.

We came home around 9:30 or so, I watched the Teen Choice Awards (I know I’m not a teen, but let’s just use my “line of work” as an excuse, okay? LOL). I mainly watched to see Taylor Swift and a few of my other favorites. But, I have to say, I miss the 90s when Britney, *NSYNC, Destiny's Child, Backstreet Boys and all of the classics were there. Those were the good ole days. 

But, how great did Hilary and Taylor look on the red carpet?? FIERCE. 

After I finished fast forwarding through the award show, I got ready for bed and went to bed earlier. Not feeling so well, I decided to get all the rest that I can to get ready for JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. 

It was a very good weekend, and it looks like things are just going to keep getting better this week. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Lunch with one of my best friends
*Justin Timberlake concert
*Hanging out with my best friend
*Taylor Swift's live stream -- Album 5 news! IT'S SO CLOSE!!!!!! 

That's all for now,
Shelby :)

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