July 31, 2014

Some Things Never Change

It has been 13 years since the last *NSYNC album, "Celebrity," was released.

And what do you know? Out of the clear blue sky, the group's record label decided to drop another CD in 2014. It has a collection of hits, special edition tracks and some unreleased songs. It's basically a gift to fangirls everywhere and is something I won't be getting over anytime soon. Is this not the greatest surprise ever?!?!

I mean, after the little reunion *NSYNC did with Justin at last year's Video Music Awards, it felt like the start of something new. The band even created a Twitter account shortly after the show. But, then it was pretty clear that it was just a one-time thing and Justin would continue to be the amazing solo-artist that he is, while the others try to live up to the boy band fame they once had or focusing on the new projects they've had in the works. After countless rumors about new albums and going on tour, it was pretty clear that this was it and maybe it would have to be enough to pull us through.

Either way, my love for these five guys has never wavered. And I will probably be the 80-year-old in the home wearing an *NSYNC tshirt, blasting "Bye, Bye, Bye" or "Tearin' Up My Heart," talking about the good 'ole days (aka the 90s).

Here are just a few of my memories:


*NSYNC did an autograph signing in my city, but I was, like, in Kindergarten when they came. So, my parents didn't let me skip school, but my mom's friend from work got my friend and I these cool autographs. It's amazing that I've had this after all these years, because I'm constantly losing things. 

Later on, my mom's same friend had tickets to the *NSYNC concert in LA...For whatever reason, we didn't go...and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen sat near where our seats WOULD have been. I was saddened by this. 

*NSYNC concert in Las Vegas

This is still one of the highlights of my life...But, my friend and I dressed up in these snazzy *NSYNC inspired outfits (pleather jackets and pants) and throughout the night got asked if we were twins. No, aside from not looking alike...She was turning 15, and I had just turned 10 a couple months before LOL. I'm still sad that we thought we couldn't have our cameras, but when we got to the MGM we found out you could bring cameras. I still remember the Chili's commercials they played all night long, since the guys were sponsored by the restaurant, and them coming super close to us on the floating stage/catwalk thing. I couldn't tell you the setlist from that night...I just remember that I was sharing the same air as Justin and JC; that seemed to be enough for me. I was finally seeing my favorite band/artist live and I couldn't believe it.  I also remember walking past the New York, New York ride and thinking that if *NSYNC were to ride it with us, I would totally go on it. Obviously, that never came up, so I didn't have to be brave. But, it's still nice to think back and smile about. We joked about who we'd ride with if the opportunity did present itself. I think I might've chosen JC. 

All weekend long, we searched the strip high and low trying to casually run into at least one of the guys. Our moms were such troopers following along with and going wherever we "thought" they might be. We walked all through the casinos and shopping areas, just hoping for a glimpse. Our eyes were peeled everywhere. We were going to eat in the MGM's Studio Cafe, but decided not to...come to find later on, after talking to a guy and his family, they had run into JC in there about the time that we would have been eating there. BUMMER! We were hardcore, though.

More recently, last year at the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party, JC Chasez was there. I called his name, he turned around/smiled and waved. My little 10-year-old self (who am I kidding, my 21-year-old self) was pretty happy about that. I should have been interviewing him this month for the "Jesus Christ Superstar" show when they came to town, but then the tour was canceled. I was extremely heartbroken. But, maybe there will be another time in the future. I can only hope. 

*NSYNC....Still one of my main obsessions. And I have no regrets.

That's all for now,
Shelby :)

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