May 25, 2014

Baby, let's just get out of this town

Yesterday, my parents and I, along with my uncle, went to Oceanside for the day. I woke up around 8:45 or 9 a.m., put my makeup on, got dressed and I was ready to go.

My uncle came to our house around 10 and we were off. We stopped at Jack-in-the-Box for breakfast, then got on the freeway, heading to the LA area. We should have known from the way the day started out that it was going to be a strange one. We started out with traffic right off, and we NEVER run into any there. It broke up and we made it past LA and Anaheim, and came to a stop again…. Plus, since we had forgotten the fruit dip we were going to bring, we had to stop at Walmart to get something else. My mom had also spilled on her shirt, so she had to find another one.

After we took care of that, we got back on the road…And then ran into more traffic. I was getting so antsy and annoyed, and usually I LOVE road trips like this. But, I also like being in control of the radio and unfortunately, the app I was using kept cutting out, so we just had to leave the radio on one station That means if a sucky song comes on, then you still have to leave it there. Meh. It's the music that defines a road trip for me, so if that isn't working…You've got problems.

Eventually we made it to the beach. Some family friends that my dad and uncle grew up with were renting a beach house, and they wanted to have a little reunion. The sky was overcast and gray, but the ocean was still sparkling as the waves crashed against the rocks. We were all just happy to be out of the car, and that salty sea air made my heart race a little faster. The air was incredibly cool, but considering it was 90 degrees or so at home, we weren't complaining.

I was SO happy to be out of town :)

We made our way into the house, which was incredible by the way, and mingled with everyone. I knew most of the couples who were there, but we introduced ourselves to those we didn't know as well.

We had lunch, a sandwich bar with all different meats and cheeses to choose from, along with chips and a couple different salads. It was all so good and we were stuffed. Then, we talked with everyone ; catching up, taking pictures…You know, the usual things when you get together with those you haven't seen in awhile. Then, we also spent some time on the deck, looking out at the ocean and taking advantage of the fact that the beach was RIGHTTHERE.

My new goal in life is to have a window like this at my house that overlooks the ocean. 

The spacious living quarters. 

After lunch and visiting, we went downstairs to look at old pictures of everyone from back in the day. It was fun watching everyone relive past memories when certain members were still alive or just happier times of being young in general. When we finished looking at old pictures, we all visited more with people we hadn't necessarily had a chance to talk with earlier, which was fun. There were so many stories to be shared, whether it was about the war, relationships, Disneyland (because our friend works there and always had a lot to tell us) or life in general. I was fascinated by everyone in the room and their wisdom.

I was glad we were able to get one last look at the beach before the night grew dark as well.

Finally, around 8:30 or so, we decided to head home. None of us wanted to, but with a 3 hour drive, we'd be looking at midnight with getting home. It didn't take us long to get to Anaheim, especially without the traffic involved like earlier. We even happened to make it near Disneyland, so we could see the fireworks, one of the very best parts about the amusement park. It's all so magical. I was snap chatting my best friend almost the entire time, telling her it's time for us to go back again. As soon as they were over, we went to the gas station, then continued our trek home. That little bit near Disney did me some good.

(I was trying to make these blurred on purpose…For some reason, I think it looks cooler. I could be wrong, though).

The ride home was very entertaining - We played 20 questions, listened to music and stopped at Krispy Kreme, of course. And then we stopped at Jack in the Box. Yes, we do eat extremely healthy. Not. Definitely something I need to work on this summer. It's just so hard sometimes.

We made it home close to 12:30, and I had been asleep, so I was in a very groggy mood. I took a shower, curled up in bed, read a chapter of Lea Michele's book and went to sleep.

It was a wonderful day! I'm so glad we were able to go.

That's all for now,
Shelby :)

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