February 13, 2014

{February 13}

First off, a very Happy Galentine's Day to all the ladies out there!

To all of my besties out there, who might be reading this :)

My day started off like all of the others, other than the fact that on Thursdays, I get to sleep in until however late I choose. After having a busy day yesterday and not having much to do today, I was taking advantage of it.

I went out to the living room, taking my time to wake up. My mom made us coffee and I watched White Collar while surfing the web and taking it easy, then had Spaghetti O's for lunch. My mom bought them for me this week, so I could be living on dreams and spaghetti O's, like the line from Martina McBride's "This One's For The Girls." So sweet!

I finally decided to start working on my homework assignment for Features Writing, which is to write a query letter to pitch an idea to a magazine publication. I picked the magazine, Nashville Lifestyles, because that's where I hope to end up writing someday. It was actually a really fun thing to do and I just might end up sending it out if it's good enough. 

The rest of the afternoon was just spent being lazy; watching White Collar and Parks & Rec marathons on TV. Yeah, Thursdays are good days. 

I took the quiz: How emotionally unavailable are you?

Got this in the mail! TN guide and a T. Swift card from my cousin. SO MUCH LOVE!!!!!

Nail polish..Pretty! 
I took a shower, surfed the web, worked on my assignment a little more, then watched Pretty Little Liars and painted my nails all festive for Valentine's Day. I'm not so sure why, but I'm just really excited about the holiday. I know a lot of people, especially single girls (which I am), hate it but I still love it. I think it's cheesy and sweet. I really love hearts and love…Also, red and pink. So, a day where I get to have all of those things combined?? It's perfect. Plus, it gives me (even more) of a reason to watch cheesy chick flicks and romantic comedies?? oh, I am totally there.

Pink and silver! :)

When Pretty Little Liars was over, I decided to give Lucy Hale's "Valentine" playlist a listen, then made one of my own, listening to some Celine Dion, because she has an amazing selection of love songs.

By that time, my dad was home and we ate dinner, while watching American Idol. I finished my assignment for feature writing, while talking to some friends, looking things up on the web, and now I am watching YouTube videos.

Nothing too crazy and wild.

Have I mentioned I'm really excited about tomorrow??


That's all for now,

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