November 11, 2013

Things I'm Loving...

Every once in awhile, I go through some of my favorite things for the current season or things I've really been into lately…Here are a few of them! 

Hunter Hayes Encore CD

I NEVER get tired of this album! It's all just so good! It was pretty much all I listened to during the summer months, and just started getting into again recently. LOVE! Hunter Hayes is just the greatest. 

Diet coke with cherry and vanilla flavoring from Sonic

So, after school started, this became at tradition for my mom and I to drive through during "happy hour." My favorite drink is Diet Coke with cherry and vanilla flavoring. So tasty and refreshing; just what I need after a hectic day at school. 

Parks and Recreation

Because Amy Poehler...And also Adam Scott. I mean, do I really need to say more? They're adorable! They're the reason I started watching this show…Much like Jim and Pam of The Office. So many parallels between the two. AWWWWW (!!!!!!) I just hope my heart can handle all of it.

Dollar Store Sunglasses

Okay, so I'm extremely rough on sunglasses. I either lose them or toss them into my purse, and they get all kinds of scratched up. Then, I bought a pair of sunglasses at the Dollar Store and they changed my life. They fit perfectly and lasted quite awhile. I was so sad when they broke, but found a new pair a couple weeks ago…I wear them all the time! 

Grand Ole Opry sweatshirt

I bought this sweatshirt at The Opry during CMA Fest week this past year, and couldn't wait until colder weather to wear it. I finally started using it a couple months ago, and love it. It's cozy and it just makes me feel a little closer to Nashville, as crazy as that might sound. 

Yup. That's about it for now. I shall do a "holidays" favorite things pretty soon. It makes me feel like Oprah! :)

That's all for now,

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