September 6, 2013

I'm Excited About...

Fall. It's my favorite time of year. The colors, the smells, the feelings, the treats, and all of the
festiveness. There's something romantic and comforting about late September, October, and November-the change and the possibilities that it welcomes, unlike any other season, is what makes it my favorite. And while it's still pretty warm here out in California, I can tell the weather is starting to change; cooling down in the mornings and evenings.

Here are just a few of the things I'm looking forward to while I wait for the heat to get out of town!

1. Oversized sweaters//
There's not much I love more than a cozy sweater, especially with the right jeans and boots. It's also my belief that you can never have too many. They're the perfect "go to" outfit when it's cold out and you just don't feel like putting much effort into what to wear on a cold, dreary morning. I can't wait until the weather finally starts to cool down around here, so I can wear them.

2. Pumpkin bread//
I was in the play Little Women my junior year of high school, and we were having rehearsal one day. Someone picked up Starbucks for the gang and one of my friends asked us if we wanted a bite of pumpkin bread, so I said sure...And instantly, it was like my entire world changed. Up until that moment, I hadn't really been a big pumpkin fan, or at least when I was younger and had gotten set in my ways. Now, I count down the days until I can get pumpkin bread with my favorite beverage. I'm also hoping to make some of my own this year...Just call me Betty Crocker!

3. Pumpkin patch//
I always look forward to going to the pumpkin patch; picking out the perfect one to carve with my parents, while we listen to music or watch something on TV. Even when there are no good ones left in the bunch, it's just a tradition and it makes me feel most festive. I love watching the little kids hold their parents' hands as they walk around, holding their little pumpkin with pride, excited that they picked it out all by themselves and it reminds me of being a kid, when finding the perfect pumpkin was the hardest decision I had to make.

4. Parenthood season 5//
This show is one of the greatest things! Period. I fell in love with the Braverman family immediately, because I'm an only child...And I love family gatherings, whether it's my own or watching them on TV. It just gives me those warm and fuzzy feelings inside. So, it's perfect for this time of year and it just so happens that the 5th season comes back September 26th!!!!! I can't wait to be all caught up by then.  

5. School//
Instead of my nerves getting the best of me this time around, I'm channeling them into excitement. I'm so pumped about all of the classes I'm taking, even though I have no idea of what to expect out of them. I know that this is the next step for me and getting closer to following my dreams. It's going to be a great experience, no matter what! I'm also really looking forward to getting involved and going out to more sporting events. I'm very into school spirit.

6. Keith Urban's "Light The Fuse" tour//
I have always loved Keith Urban! He is one of my favorite musicians and songwriters, and always puts on one heck of a show! I'm going to his Light The Fuse tour at the Hollywood Bowl!!!! I cannot wait. I've heard the Hollywood Bowl is fabulous, and I've always wanted to see a show there, so the fact that it'll be for one of my favorites is kind of a big deal! Also, can't wait for the new music that he'll  be releasing in just a few days! AHHH! :). He always makes the best feel good music. 

7. Boots//
I love boots for all seasons, but especially fall. They keep your feet cozy and match just about any outfit. During colder months, they're all I wear, so I have them in all colors and styles to mix and match for casual and dressy occasions. They're kind of my thing. 

8. Chris Young's New Album, "A.M."//
If you hadn't caught onto this before....I LOVE Chris Young! I love that most of his songs have really positive messages, like "The Man I Want To Be" and "Voices" and just the sound of his voice...*Sigh*. It doesn't hurt that he's not too bad to look at either ;). He's definitely my biggest celeb crush at the moment, and I'm just really looking forward to his new CD...I lost track of how many times I listened to Neon. I probably listened to it a good couple months straight every night...

9. Candles//
I really wish I would buy more candles. I guess that's something to put on my list of "things to buy," but either way I just love the way candles make your home feel that much more cozy and inviting, especially this time of year. My favorites around this season are cinnamon, apples, and anything that just smells like the outdoors/fire burning.  

10. Apple picking//
I have always wanted to go to the apple orchard to pick out some pretty, shiny red apples or to bob for them at Halloween, because judging by everything I've seen on TV, that's just one of the things to do. Well, this is the year that I am going to accomplish that...One way or another. I love being outside when the weather is cooler and there's just a certain change in the air, so this would be festive to try.

11. Pumpkin Spice Lattes//
I love pumpkin treats of any kind, so I can't wait to drink Pumpkin Spice and Chai lattes!

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