September 10, 2013

30 Day Challenge (Day 12)- Describe a Typical Day in your current life

Most of my days (at least during the week) are pretty boring and simple, especially right now since I'm not working or going to school...So, I just sort of wake up and see where the day goes, if I don't have any plans...And every day is different depending on whether there are certain errands that need to be run or whether I get together with friends, and also if there's something good on TV, which isn't usually until later on at night!

Around 10:00 (or 10:30 lately)- Wake up/drink a cup of coffee/Quiet time with God...Get ready for the day!

Noon (ish)-Lunch/Hangout with friends (if I had something planned)/Bike ride/Sit around and do nothing/Run errands with my mom...

2:00/5:00-Occasionally I'll sit on my porch, just to take in the fresh air and relax, or to clear my mind and get things done...Afternoons are usually my time of day to "Create", whatever that might mean at the time. I like to get on blogs and Pinterest for inspiration, then sometimes I'll work on videos for YouTube, or I'll write stories/songs...Or I'll just spend all afternoon blogging. Like today.
If I do have plans, this is usually that portion in the day where I'm getting ready and preparing to go.

6:00- Usually this is around the time I have events or services to attend at church, but that doesn't happen very often. I haven't been too involved with the Young Adults department lately, so I haven't had anywhere to go.

8:00-That's around the time my dad gets home and we'll eat dinner, spend the rest of the night just talking and watching TV in the living room...Every once in awhile, we'll take a drive or go out for dessert just for something to do.

Midnight is about the time I go to bed every night, but I spend a good few hours just writing and reading or making collages. I feel most creative when everyone else is asleep and it's absolutely quiet, except for the few random noises around the house that make me jump here and there. It allows me to focus a little more and get into that zone of saying what I need to say. I have been trying to go to bed a bit earlier, since school is getting ready to start in a few weeks, and going to bed around 3:30 was just wiping me out. Maybe that's a sign I'm getting older, when staying up late doesn't excite me quite like it used to.

I'm looking forward to going back to school, if for no other reason, to get out of the house and to have a definite planned out day. I like having a schedule and keeping busy...Too much free time on my hands just gives me time to think and worry about the future, and there's just no need for that. In the meantime, hopefully I have some good material to write about and brainstorm for a bit.

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