September 10, 2013

30 Day Challenge (Day 11)-Pet Peeves

*People who feel like they're entitled to things just because of their last name or who their parents are...Social status! 

*Loud chewing....

*Tapping or drumming on anything.

*When the radio is turned off or way too low in the car, it drives me up the wall.

*Girls who give those up and down glances at concerts, comparing outfits and looks.

*When people read your texts and don't respond back.

*When people cancel plans at the very last minute and do it all the time.

*Somebody telling me what I should do when they aren't involved with the situation and it doesn't take away from their life in any way.

*When people are too touchy feely and I'm not that close with them.

*(Sometimes)When people read my tweets back to me or talk about things I've talked about days ago on my blog...In person...For some reason it just makes me feel extremely awkward. I write to get it off my chest and then forget about it...So, it's just a weird thing.

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