February 5, 2013

The Weekend Review

What a fabulous weekend it was! Saturday morning, I slept in a bit as usual, but not quite as late. I started watching Saved By The Bell, then my dad got home. We visited for awhile, then all started getting ready for whatever errands we'd need to run that day. We actually didn't have much planned, which is a first, but it was nice. While I was still waiting on my parents to leave, I watched an episode of Boy Meets World, which really just makes my Saturday mornings feel complete.
Disney bounding as Flynn Rider for the day! 

We had debated on trying out this restaurant we'd just heard about in the town where my dad works, but ended up just going to PF Changs for their lunch special, which was just fine by me. I was not feeling very good at all. I had a horrible headache, wasn't feeling very talkative, and could barely see out of my eyes, the pain was so bad. I took some medicine, we ate lunch, and by the end, I was starting to feel a little bit better. 
Afterwards, we didn't really have anywhere to go, I just wanted to stay out a little longer, after being cooped up inside all week. My mom wanted to go to Home Goods, which I wasn't really all that thrilled about, but it ended up paying off...For me, anyway. As soon as we walked in, it was like I had this epiphany of how I wanted to redecorate my room; moroccan themed, much like Taylor Swift's t-party room. I ended up finding a bedspread and some other pillows, etc. I was SO excited! We stopped by Wal-Mart and Sam's Club to pick up a few other things, then headed home. I even ran into a couple of friends from high school at Sam's Club, so it was good talking to them. 
We came home; I straightened up my room, then my mom and I put together the new stuff I'd just gotten. It took a lot of my energy, because I still wasn't feeling 100%, but it sure looked GREAT afterwards. A little later, we had dinner at Chipotle, then went for a drive around town. Those are seriously some of my favorite moments, just listening to the radio and talking with my parents. It doesn't get old. 

Clint Black was in town!!! :)
We came home, and watched Cars! We hadn't seen it since it came out in theaters, and we wanted to look for all the little details after visiting Carsland at California Adventures. It really feels like you've stepped right into the movie. After the movie was over, I watched an episode of The Vampire Diaries and hit the hay.


I was having a really hard time getting out of bed, after taking Nyquil so late the night before, but I got ready and on our way to church we went. I was pretty excited about my attire supporting the Superbowl, even though I'm not a football fan.

Love this! 
Church was really inspiring and great as always. We're into a new series about dreaming again, which is something I need to hear. I feel like this should be one of the best years of my life, but I'm just totally zoned out on what's going on around me. I need to get focused and be refueled on what I want to do again. I have so many dreams, but getting started and going after them seems to be a hard problem to accomplish. This opened my eyes again to some things I've been missing.

When church ended, we had lunch at Chili's, stopped by Marie Callendar's for pies, and came home to chill for the afternoon. I had decided it was time to start getting back into the whole "driving" thing, so that's exactly what my dad and I did. We went down to this high school parking lot, not too far away from our house and practiced for a little while. I just needed to get used to being behind the wheel, and get comfortable with the way the car does things, since I haven't practiced in MONTHS. After awhile, I felt a lot more confident, so I took it out one of the side streets of the high school, having to use a blinker, watch for cars and everything! It really wasn't too bad, so a little later on, I DROVE HOME! It's about five minutes or so of a drive, but I felt really good about it. I felt confident; cars were all around me, and I wasn't freaking out a bit. Turning the corner was a bit of a freak out, but I did just fine, and I was SO EXCITED. So, yes, that deserves all caps. We made it home in one piece, and it calmed so many nerves that I've been having about driving on the road...One fear conquered, and I'm ready to take on the world. I even did a pretty nice parking job, if I do say so myself.

The rest of the afternoon was spent kicking back and watching the football game. I was pretty bummed that we didn't get together with anyone or throw a party or anything! I love playing "host", but maybe next year. I watched Beyonce's documentary, a little of the game, and mostly read everyone's tweets about what was going on in the game...That's terrible, I know. Beyonce KILLED that halftime show, as always! I am so inspired by her work ethics and what a serious businesswoman she is. A lot of people don't know about her other than just her shaking what her mama gave her on stage, but she's so much more than that. The second half of the game really got interesting after the lights went out and the 49ers actually started playing! Good stuff.

Here's the link to her documentary! Watch it! It's only about 20 minutes! 

When the game was over, we grabbed something to eat, then came home again. It was a really good day, and I'm starting to feel like things are about to move forward once again. I guess it just takes a little initiative, rather than just sitting there dwelling on everything. Imagine that, right?

It was a really great weekend, and I'm finally getting things in order. Life is good, and God is good always! I just have to remember to tell myself that, no matter what I may be feeling on any given day :)

That's all for now,

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