February 12, 2013

Grammy Sunday

The Grammy's, otherwise known as, "The Superbowl of Music", took place on Sunday in Los Angeles, CA. I have to agree with Justin Timberlake when he said, "Best Grammy's ever? Best Grammy's ever." Normally, I'm fast forwarding through performances or annoyed with most of the artists that are attending, but this year, I felt completely different about it. I appreciate and love just about all music genres, and I think it is so cool when artists from all over can come together; collaborate, get to know one another, and make plans for music in the future.

First, let's talk about the most important part of any award show...The red carpet. There were so many great dresses, but nothing too crazy or too shocking this year. But, some, still didn't get that memo on "no puffy skin" or revealing clothing, *Cough* J.LO *Cough*. Anyway, here are some of my favorites:

Carrie Underwood
 I really think she was the epitome of a star in this dress! She always looks like one, but this is just a very classy and elegant dress; so much detail. Her hair looks perfect, her makeup looks perfect! I just wish she would have worn some earrings or a bracelet, but either way...INCREDIBLE!
Taylor Swift
When I first saw this, I wasn't crazy about it. But, I came to the conclusion that it was mainly the hair I didn't like. I thought the dress was beautiful and Taylor always looks so graceful and modest, but...I didn't think the hair looked completely finished. I wish it would've been a curled, sort of "up-do". Other than that, I dig it...and I love that she has been dressing older, and trying new risks. 
Usually, she's not a red carpet favorite of mine..But, I think she looked stunning on Sunday! She was fully clothed, it's a color that really makes her shine and stand out, because she's known for wearing bold, bright colors. This suits her very well, and also sticks with the guidelines that the Grammy's sent out.
A lot of people didn't like this look, and I can see why, but to me...She rocks something like this, and it just goes to show you, that she pretty much wear anything. Because of the fashion choices and her alter ego of "Sasha Fierce", people know her attitude and what she's capable of. She's strong, successful, and this shows that to me.  Only she can pull something like this off. I wish there might have been something more done with the hair, but I still love it. 
Katy Perry
Katy said she was paying homage to Priscilla Presley in the 70s with this dress, and I think she pulled it off.  I think her black hair and skin tone go really well with the mint green color, but I wish she would've been a little more covered on the top, it just sort of looks like it didn't fit. But, she looks gorgeous! And she's one of my favorites, because she's not afraid to take some chances, just staying true to herself. 
Justin Timberlake
To me, this guy can do no wrong. Once again, it's all about personality...Because, let's admit it, the shoes are a little dorky, but he just walks in with his southern charm and has girls everywhere, swooning. Justin would have been big in any era! He just has that timeless, classic look, like George Clooney.

I think these are pretty obvious....

Moving right along to the main event. Like I said, I think this has to be one of the best shows! There were so many quality performances, that I really couldn't wait to see what the next one would come up with. 

Justin is BACK! This performance was AMAZING! Really loving his new sound and so excited for this whole "black and white" theme he has going! It's very 20s, which I love. He just really owned the stage on this one. It just really makes you want to get up and dance; it's fun!
Katy Perry presenting was just awesome! Even in the few seconds of her talking, she was able to show her charm and personality! She's just too funny! I want to have a tea party with her sometime. 
How incredible was Carrie Underwood's performance?! Artistically, I think this is seriously one of the coolest things she has ever done. 
WOW! Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys really blew me away with this one. I'm not huge fans of either one, but I like their music...And their voices just blended really well together with Daylight and Girl On Fire.
I just really love Kelly Clarkson! I love that she has never pretended to be anything else but herself in the industry and in her personal life. She says whatever she's thinking, no matter how crazy or weird it is. I would really love to go on a road trip with her; she'd be a blast! And her acceptance speech was just as funny!  
Taylor Swift opening up the award show was pretty awesome! That's a pretty big honor, because it sets the bar for the rest of the show. It was a little strange, but I love that she was always has a theme and almost a mini play of whatever song she's singing. I didn't like the way she did the British accent, pretty obviously slamming Harry, I'm no "one directioner" or anything close, I just didn't think that was cool. But, I really liked the performance as a whole! It was exciting. It's a fun, quirky song, so it fits with the dancing animals in her video.

It was a great show! I can't wait to see what next year will hold.

That's all for now,

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