August 5, 2012

The Weekend

Its been a really good weekend! I was able to sleep in quite a bit yesterday and just hang around the house for a bit, which was nice. As I was finishing getting ready, my friend, Steph text me about a Nick Jonas tweet. Well, the rumors are true about him possibly being a judge on American Idol...We couldn't be more thrilled. I think he's PERFECT for it; he's so talented, and will draw in more of the age group that they're probably aiming for. Then, I went with my parents to LA. We had lunch at Lucille's in Valencia, which is on the way, and I think it's possible it just might be my new favorite restaurant. I tried the BBQ chicken salad this time, which was really good. But, I would've been just fine with the rolls and sweet tea. YUM! There's also a really neat store right around the corner from the restaurant, that has some adorable clothes! The two times we've been in there, I've found a ton of stuff.

We made it to LA, but then came the million dollar question of...What now? You'd think for as many times as we've been down there, we'd come up with more exciting things to do, but ...Ya know, routines are hard to break. We ended up in Toluca Lake, drove around the area, then ended up at a few stores on the main street that we'd never been in. We went into the Discovery shop for a few minutes, and another boutique across the street. I knew it was a good sign when we walked in and they were playing the One Tree Hill soundtrack! AH! Then, it was time to head to the Dodger game.
This is the perfect fairy tale looking house!!

We got to Dodger stadium, and decided to go to the lower level, hoping to see whoever was singing the National Anthem up close or see if we could spot any celebrities before the game started. Well, they had a Karate type thing set up in honor of Japan. It was really cool! But, unfortunately no one we'd heard of sang the national anthem. Eric Stonestreet threw out the first pitch, but we've seen him before...So, pretty soon after, we went up to our seats. The game was pretty good! For awhile there, I thought they were going to tie it up, but the Dodgers pulled it off! They're coming on strong again.

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm so okay with this.

Quote of the night:
"Somebody start the wave, I'm getting bored here!" (boy a couple rows behind us at the game...He had a lot of great lines).
We headed home after the game. It took a little longer getting out of the parking lot, because of traffic, but once we hit the freeway, things cleared up a bit. I always love the car rides home. I do a lot of thinking in general, no matter where I am, but I feel like when I'm in the car, I can just listen to music, and to some degree tune out the rest of the world for a little while. We stopped at Del Taco for dinner, and only had about 45 minutes-hour drive home from there.
An idea struck me for a story, so I started writing in my notes!
I'm always wide awake when I get home, no matter how tired I was previously. I took a shower, then decided to do some writing, which turned into listening to music, which turned into looking up American Idol interviews on YouTube. Finally around 3 I got to bed and watched Full House for awhile, and off to sleep I went.
This morning rolled around, and of course I didn't hear the two alarms I'd set, so my dad had to wake me up! HAHA. I got ready, then we went to church. It feels like the most normal Sunday I've had in awhile.
My Elise Testone inspired outfit for the day!
I feel like the series we're starting at church is seriously meant for this season of my life that I'm in right now. Last week, we had a guest speaker who talked about God moments, or E-moments that happen in our daily lives. This week, our senior pastor spoke on "Divine Coincidences", which is something I've been thinking about. I've been wondering about the life that God has planned for me, and whether the things I do can stray me off course from the life God has planned. I got the word that I needed to hear on that.  "You cannot miss the will of God if you are open to the leading of the Spirit." That really changed my perspective on the way I've been holding on so tightly to some things, but when I'm open to God's plans and ideas, I'll get there no matter what. There really are no coincidences, and I've always believed that, it was just a matter of being reminded as I figure out what this next phase of my life is. I'm getting some things going, and I know that all these little moments and things are starting to be put together piece by piece for the greater good. Little by little, I do see some things working out, and I'm excited to see where they lead. For now, I'm trusting God that He knows best and everything will fall into place from there.
After church, we had lunch at Chili's. I filled my parents in on the crazy night I had last night of watching American Idol videos, and some of the things I learned from them. I also gave my dad a rundown of One Tree Hill, trying to prepare him for the episodes I want him to see before Wilmington. My mom wanted to go to Michael's, so we ended up going there. I always forget just how much I love it! They have so many things that get my creative juices flowing. My mom and I are going to start making bracelets again. I also got some really cheap scrapbook paper-lots of great deals they had going on.

Bracelet I made with a couple things from Michael's! "With God, your problems are always light as a feather."
I want one of these backpacks for school!!! 

We came home; I listened to music, wrote some, uploaded pictures to get developed, then ran to Sam's Club with my parents. We came home for a little while, then ended up having dinner/dessert with some family friends at a local ice cream shop! Its been around for years. It's nothing fancy or spectacular, but it's a fun place, and they have great ice cream. I love hanging out with them; lots of great stories to share and reminisce on. They filled us in on some travels, an anniversary party coming up, and other things...and of course, it wouldn't be complete without a few laughs. We even made plans to hang out again Saturday! Can't wait :)

Now, I shall sit and write...and make plans for the rest of this week. I'm tired of dilly dallying, wondering why things aren't happening for me...Because I'm not MAKING them happen. I have plenty to keep me busy, so we shall see what this week holds.

That's all for now,

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