August 6, 2012

One Tree Hill Run-Ins

I've had a couple One Tree Hill cast member "run-ins" lately, so I thought I'd share them. They're pretty short, I just thought I'd share them.

  • I went to a Dodger game (shocker, right?) on June 30th, and it turns out Bryan Greenberg, who played Jake, was at the game as well, just a couple sections under us. I thought that was pretty cool! Too bad I didn't know it until afterwards when I saw his picture on Instagram. We don't always get service there, so that's why.
Bryan's photo
  • Jana Kramer hosted a live chat a couple weeks ago for those who pre-ordered her CD for the CD release party back in Nashville. I had forgotten about it, so I almost didn't get on. Then, I saw someone post the link, so I decided I'd check it out. Well, she ended up answering basically all of my questions. I asked her about her favorite spots in Nashville, favorite beauty products, if she watched American Idol and something else; she answered them all. There was also a point where she was trying to think of a Carrie Underwood song but couldn't remember the name and I gave it to her. She was like, "Twisted! That's right! Thank you, Shelby!" I felt pretty good ;) LOL. It was a lot of fun. I don't think too many people were on, which made it more laid back.

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