July 22, 2012

Good In Goodbye: Part 7 (Fiction Series)

Carter and I spent the afternoon walking around the streets of Santa Monica, hanging out at the pier, and listening to street performers who had set up mini stages along to play as people strolled. Carter told me all about the rehearsals for the idol tour; it sounds like it's going to be one heck of a show, I can't wait to see it.
"When do you start training for your new job?" Carter asked, taking my hand as we stood side by side along the water.
"This Monday," I said with a big gulp. My heart started racing again as I thought about all that I had to do in between now and then.
"You'll be fine," He gently caressed my hand and let me know he believed in me again. "Let's just be right here, right now...and enjoy the moment."
"Right," I pushed the chaos that was swirling around in my mind aside, and snuggling in closer to Carter. "How is everything with the writing going?"
"It's going so good! We've been getting a lot done; I wrote a few songs by myself and last week, the team and I got several that I really want to record for the final product."
"Aw, I'm so proud of you," I gave his hand a squeeze as we continued to stroll down the street, until we decided to walk into a bookstore to browse and get some coffee. 
We ordered two cappuccino's and sat at a small table near the window to people watch. There were a lot of interesting people, to put it nicely, down here to watch, and we continued to talk.
"I'd really like you to come down to the studio sometime, so I can give you the tour of the place, introduce you to the guys, let you listen to some of the tracks and you can tell me your favorites."
I grinned and felt my heart beating fast inside my chest, "I would love that. I just don't know when there will be time."
"It sounds like you're coming up with excuses again," he gave a sly smile and nudged me with his foot under the table.
He caught me, and there was no dodging this. "Okay, maybe I am..."
"Do you not want to come, because you don't have to..."
"No, it's not that. I really do! It's just hard saying goodbye, so I've tried not to get too attached with the ideas of us doing things together."
"You have to learn to just be in the moment, we'll figure the rest out as we go along."
"That might be easier for you to just fly by the seat of your pants, but I like to have everything planned out and know exactly what is coming next."
"Don't you think that some things are better when they aren't planned or scheduled in your little appointment book?'
"I guess so..." I shrugged, knowing that once again he was right. "I do, I will come with you."
"Let's go now, then," he suggested, finishing off his coffee, taking the last sip.
"Let's go down to the studio! There's always someone in there that can let us in."
"Uhh, okay..." My voice squeaked, wondering whether this was a good idea or not. He was teaching me to the go with the flow, and go with the flow I would, starting now. "I'm in."

We drove through the streets of Hollywood, past Sunset and Melrose, making our way to Capitol Records. Carter parked the car on one of the side streets, and ran into a side door to the building. Carter led me inside, said hi to a few people he knew, asking if it was alright that we were in there. When they said it was fine, we continued to the end of the long hallway to a small recording studio. The lights were all off, and the sound boards were covered. Carter went in and knew exactly what he was doing; he flipped on the light switch, uncovered the monitors and turned everything on. 
"This is it," He spread his arms out with a Vanna White hand motion, "This is where all the magic happens."
"Wow!" My eyes gazed at all the buttons that were lit up and I could see the mic glowing through the glass window straight ahead.
"You want to check it out?" he followed my gaze, and led me through the connecting door to it.
"This is amazing!" I couldn't get over being in his recording studio. Sure, I'd done plenty of interviews with rap stars, country singers, and pop icons as they talked with me about their new albums. But, I'd never been in here with the man I loved.
"You've been in here before, haven't you?" he asked, giving me a strange look.
"Yeah, but not with you. I mean, this is where you work everyday. Seeing you in your element helps me realize that this is where you need to be when I have my selfish moments..." I admitted. I think in some way, I had been jealous of the fact that he'd be away, not ever having actually seen him in action firsthand, doing what he loves.
"Do you want to hear some of what we've done so far?" I put my hand in his as he showed me how some of the trinkets and recordings worked, then back into the control room to play back some of the tracks.
"Yes! I do!" I clapped, excitedly, sitting in the chair next to him at the board as he got everything set up. 
Carter turned the stereo up, as several uptempo beats played and his rocker voice bellowed over it. There were a couple love songs, and one that he hadn't told anyone else about. I was rocking out, I was in tears, I was swaying back and forth, according to the song that was on.
"I'm in love with this one..You have to put that on there," I told him as "Near me" finished playing.
"You think so?" He looked up with a certain something in his eyes.
"Well, I was hoping you would, because I wrote it about us...You..."
My heart stopped. Had I just heard him right? I kept looking at him, waiting for an explanation. He nodded, and continued ,"I want to marry you, and I thought the best way to say it was in a song...." He started, and I felt my eyes well with tears and my cheeks grow flush.
"What?" A smile broke through, and again, I waited for him to finish his thought. 
"We've known since the moment we met that we had something special. You can deny it all you want, but you know that's true...Every day that we're together is an adventure; you're my best friend, to put it simply...So, will you marry me and we'll spend the rest of our lives together figuring everything out?"
All of a sudden all the words in the English language went out of my mind. I couldn't feel anything in my legs, or my arms or hands. My mind went blank and all of a sudden, my mouth was extremely dry. I was smiling like an idiot, trying to say something...and nothing came out.
Part 8 coming sometime this week...so, stay tuned! :D

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