March 31, 2012

My Top 5 Characters On One Tree Hill

Haley James Scott

I love Haley James Scott! She's one of those rare "good girls" on TV that wasn't portrayed as being overly prudish, if you know what I mean She was just a girl that was best for knowing the difference between right and wrong, and she was always trying to do the right thing. Haley was someone I related to the most, even when I was younger and had only seen a couple episodes. She's the quiet girl and good student, but when she needed to she'd step up and say something, leaving everyone wondering where it came from. You do not want to piss "Tutor Girl" off ;). Some may say she's "boring", but I think that couldn't be farther from the truth. Is that because she had morals and integrity?? The people around her honored that. Honestly, there was nothing boring about her life. She was no typical girl (getting married in high school, becoming a pop star, saving her family from psychos, etc). She represents the few girls that still exist out there who have standards for themselves. I feel like there are so many sides to her: her as a mom, a teacher, a wife, a musician, etc. All labels.  And then there are those beautiful moments when Haley's being Haley; when she laughs or has a few words of wisdom, is helping out a friend or is fighting for what she believes in. She's someone I hope to be like because she knows what she stands for and she has never really compromised that. Even when she made a mistake, she rose above it and came out on the other side stronger for it. Always the voice of reason, Haley James :)

Brooke Davis
Brooke Davis. She's the girl that seemed to have it all together in high school, keeping it all inside with a strong exterior, but very fragile at the core. She's a complex character with so much heart. She's not one to fall apart or to show her weaknesses, because she has been hurt way too much in her life to let other people have that power. Even early on from the first season, you could tell that Brooke had so much love to give, if only the right person would come along...and she eventually found that with Julian. Someday you will be able to let people in. She's proof that you shouldn't let anyone stop you from going after what you want and that you're worth it. Even though she didn't have the family life she had always dreamed of growing up, she's now able to live it out with a family of her own. There's never a dull moment with B. Davis, she always has plenty of tricks up her sleeve.

Nathan Scott
Nathan's story is much like Brooke's in that they grew up with crazy parents with high expectations, not listening to the voices of what their children wanted. Nathan was a player and not just on the basketball court. He didn't have the best track record with girls until he met Haley. And all of a sudden, he wanted to be "someone that was good enough to be seen with her." He used to be an immature kid that made a mess wherever he went, causing everyone else to fix his mistakes. But, then he started taking ownership of his life and decided that he was going to change. He's now the kind of guy that girls everywhere would want as their boyfriend/husband. He's the protector of his family, he's driven, and he actually acts like a dad. Even after growing up with Dan Scott, he was able to decide that he didn't want to be that way with his own son. He fought to get past all those road blocks that stood in his way whether it was in his family life or in his career...he wasn't going to let anything hold him back.

Julian Baker
Julian is such a fun character. To be honest, he's not the typical guy's guy. He's not into sports, he's into film and quoting movies every chance he gets. I mean would you really expect anything different from a director? He's sincere, warm, and comforting, yet strong and brave when the time calls for it. He was exactly what Brooke needed. She's a feisty one and he keeps her in line, I guess you could say. They balance each other out. He's witty and charming, and will pretty much say whatever he feels even if it isn't necessarily the popular vote. Julian is super intelligent and knows what he wants. He's the kind of guy I'd like to marry (as long as he's a Christian guy as well).

Dan Scott

Where does one really begin with Dan Scott? He was one of the most unlikeable guys...probably in TV history if you really think about it. He was a downright villain, killing his own brother and treating his sons the way he did. He was one of the most interesting characters, though. No matter how much you hated him, you had to wonder why he was the way he was. Throughout the nine seasons, I think there were glimpses of who Dan really could've been had he not been overtaken by bitterness, jealousy, and what might've been. Towards the end of his life, you saw this compassionate and even remorseful side to him. He probably had some of the best story lines, because he dealt with everyone. It seems like everyone in town was affected by Dan Scott because he was in charge of the car dealership, was mayor, had his TV show, was father to two sons, etc. I think the real Dan Scott is the one we'd always see with Jamie, being the caring grandfather that he always was to him. That's the dad he could've been to Nathan. In the past couple seasons, we've really been able to see his redemption process. 
One Tree Hill has had some of the best characters on television, period. It was really hard choosing, because they all amazed me. They've all had so much depth to them and their backstories always match up perfectly to who they are right now...but these just seemed to really jump out at me. If I added one more character, it would definitely be Peyton because her passion for music and dealing with the loss of people always leaving is something I really related and sympathized with. I think I didn't pick her for the "Top 5", because I feel like at the end she just loss some of her zest/ "Peytonness."

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