December 8, 2011

"I'l Have a Blue Christmas Without You..."

This past summer on our trip to Nashville, we toured Studio B. Many of the greats have been here, and I can only imagine the stories the walls would tell if they could talk. To me, the coolest part was being inside of an actual recording studio, especially to know Elvis recorded so many of his songs there. This was the studio he did Blue Christmas in. They told us the story of how he put red and green lights, and tried to make it more festive while he was in the process of recording. So, they did a re-enactment for us and played Blue Christmas for us. It gave me chills just thinking that was somewhere Elvis had been, and the piano he played at. I said I wanted to make it our Christmas picture ;) haha.
Last Sunday, we decorated the outside of our house for Christmas, and listened to Christmas music. It felt like it took forever...somehow it's not quite as fun as I remember it LOL. After that, we went to Panera for dinner, drove around to look at a few Christmas lights/listening to music, and even went to a Christmas tree lot, because it sounded fun to me and I've only been to one once (we have a fake tree). We also went to the mall and had peppermint blizzards from Dairy Queen. I had captured all of these fabulous moments on my camera, but somehow they disappeared, and I can't seem to get them back :(.

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