November 6, 2011

November 5-6 Weekend

This weekend has been pretty fabulous! Yesterday, it was a pretty chill morning; took my time getting ready and around. When my dad got home, we tried out this new restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings! It's a really fun atmosphere, more for watching sports, but still cool. We ran to Sam's Club for some necessities, which turned into an interesting trip...I was trying to find One Tree Hill (which I had just bought season 2 earlier in the week, so I knew they had them), and to my dismay it was nowhere to be found. We searched in all of the boxes beneath the rack, and still NOTHING.
Later on, we grabbed some milkshakes from Sonic, and headed out to Best Buy to check for One Tree Hill, and still nothing. On the other hand, we checked into the MAC computers, and ran into some family friends, and ended up talking to them for quite awhile. We came home, then had dinner at Chipotle, and went driving around town, listening to the radio. That's always the best way to spend a Saturday night in my opinion. :)
When we got home, I watched a couple episodes of One Tree Hill, and headed to bed around 1 or so. So much for going to bed earlier haha.
Sophia Bush's tweet about filming the last episode of OTH

Cool decorations at Sam's Club

Bethany Joy's tweet about OTH

Chocolate shake!

Trying to pick out some fall outfits. It's a lot harder than I thought haha.

My new gloves

Practicing my speech
I woke up a couple times during the night, which is strange because I never do. I had a strange dream, the time change was already throwing me off because I felt like I'd been sleeping a lot longer, and then our smoke alarm went off. When I did sleep, I slept pretty sound LOL. I woke up around 6:15, went to Starbucks, and we ended up being really ahead of schedule, so I went to the car wash with my dad. At 7:30, it was off to church for sound check. We didn't practice on Thursday, like we usually do because of the Christmas choir now, so it's always a little challenging at first hearing parts...but you warm up to it. I have so much respect for EVERYONE behind and in front of the scenes, as far as what it takes to put a service on. It takes a lot of volunteers, and a lot of work to get everything up to par like it is on Sundays, and they do an incredible job of making it all happen. I honestly don't know how they do it all.
Church went really good! I always have a blast singing up there with the worship team, and hanging out with everyone. After the first service, I hung out backstage with the band, and we talked about a bunch of random stuff (One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars, musicians, etc.) Always a fun time, and has given me a chance to really get to know people. During the second service, I sat in the audience with my parents. It was about loving others, and what TRUE, unconditional love is. It's a lot different than how our world sees it, and always a great reminder to get us back where we need to be.
After church, we had lunch at PF Changs with some family friends, got some yogurt from Yogurtland and looked around Target for a bit. They sure do know how to make me laugh! Now, the rest of my afternoon is dedicated to working on my speech and math homework :/ BLAH!

Beautiful sunshine this morning

On the way to church

I got bored and started editing pictures ;)


Another edit

White Chocolate mocha

Retro Camera edit-Mittens

My fortune from PF Changs

Dad's fortune-he gave me his cookie

Retro Camera edit-Smokey

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, and have a blessed week :D

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