September 19, 2011

This Weekend

I went to LA with my parents for a couple Dodger games, and we ended up hanging out by the premiere for A Dolphin Tale! There was a little shopping thrown in there, and we drove by the Emmy's for a split second and saw some some of the setup! Ran into some people from Disney Channel at Bob's Big Boy. It was a blast!!
Morgan Freeman's in there somewhere

Quentin Aaron from The Blindside

The guy in the green was on 8 Simple Rules

Cozi Zuehlsdorff (she's in the movie)

Vanessa Williams

Amy Yasbeck

Brooke Burns

Harry Connick Jr. And his wife (model, was also on an episode of Friends)

Harry Connick Jr.

Perfect view of the Hollywood sign :)

At Dodger Stadium

The Father of the Bride house!! Beautiful neighborhood

In front of the Rose Bowl

Tweet from Lauren Alaina's mom

Tweet from the producer of Pretty Little Liars
In our hotel

This looked like the church from 7th Heaven

The hello kitty crown they gave us at Dodger Stadium

The dessert we ordered at the stadium club

The Field
And the Dodgers WONNNNNN!!!!! Yeah boy!!!! :D

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