September 2, 2011

Taylor Swift concert!

From top left to the bottom: (Grant Mickelson-guitar player, Liz Huett-backup singer, Al Wilson-Drummer, and Paul Sidoti-guitar player)

Last Tuesday, I went to the Staples Center to see Taylor Swift with my mom! It was one of the best days of my life. I missed only my second day of class, but it was so worth it, because I didn't miss anything except for notes. Anyway, we got down to LA, ate at our usual place, Paty's, then hung out by the arena basically all afternoon waiting for Taylor's band, because they're all totally amazing too! We got to see everyone walk in, I met a few of them, saw her parents, and even Taylor herself drive in!

We got into Staples basically as soon as the doors opened, and they had this contest to text in a message on the screen for a chance to win Pit Passes! So, I sent in a couple, and the rest ended up not going through, so I was like eh, oh well, these seats are totally fine and didn't think much about it again. I figured my mom had been texting enough for the both of us, so that was cool. The two opening acts came on, and about 15-20 minutes later, I got a text saying I had won pit passes to the show!! I could not believe it. I had five minutes to call the number they gave me and claim the passes! So, immediately I called them, they told me where to go and we headed up there. When we got to the area they'd designated, I wasn't sure that was it. There was no one else around really, and I was thinking there would be a group. A few minutes later, a guy with a Taylor Swift shirt walked up, asked to see my text message, and gave us the passes...It was OFFICIAL.

We got down there, and I'm not gonna lie, I totally teared up. It was so incredibly surreal. I looked out at the same view Taylor sees every night of her tour; the crowd. I could touch the stage from where I was words can completely describe what I was feeling or what was going through my mind at that moment, other than I had the time of my life. The energy is so much more vibrant at the pit, because you feel like you're part of the show.

Here's a video of my night! :)

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