August 29, 2011

Some Thoughts From Me

I'm really not all that complicated; I'd like to think I'm complex, but I'm not really that complicated. I'm quiet; but I'm also outgoing. There isn't much that I won't share... I'm a pretty open book! The more honest I am, the better I feel. Sometimes, I'm a little too open, because as sad as it is, you cant trust everyone these days, and I feel the need to pull back before I get hurt.
I have flaws, many of them, and who doesn't? But for so long, I've tried to be "perfect" which is impossible, because it doesn't exist. I get anxious, I'm impatient, my voice shakes when I'm nervous, I let small things bug me, I know how to put myself in a bad mood, i get distracted easily, i can be forgetful, i feel insecure at times, and I get mad over the dumbest things. I'm working on them!
I feel like people underestimate me and what I can do and one of these days I'll prove them all wrong, because I was made for so much more!!

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