August 15, 2011

Lizzie McGuire is Pregnant ....well, Hilary Duff is!

When I found out the news yesterday, along with everyone else, I could not believe it! All these years, we've known her as Lizzie McGuire; she has been a "friend" to us all growing up, teaching us how to find bras, deal with boys, annoying family, and of course, just the day to day life as being a teenager. We've seen her grow up into this beautiful women, get married, and she announced yesterday, that her and her husband will in fact be expecting a baby. It's so weird! I am so excited for her and Mike, I'm sure they're going to make incredible parents.
She has always been so normal, in a world of teen stars that have gone down hill very quickly! It's good to see that she has been able to work, but that she has a life outside of Hollywood, and that's why people like her so much. She's relatable :)

The first photo of her since announcing. This was her yesterday!

Hilary and Mike shopping in Malibu Saturday afternoon.

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