September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Part Two

Today, I slept in and took advantage of the day and not having to do anything. After tossing and turning awhile, I decided to get up and see what the day was going to hold. I talked with my parents for awhile, then my dad ran out to get us donuts. We ate and I finished getting ready. Well, my mom was going to stay home and clean, while my dad and I went to the store to pick up stuff for lunch with my grandparents. I basically just threw something on; an "I Heart Carrie" (Carrie Underwood) tshirt and jean capri pants. Didn't brush my hair, just threw it in a ponytail and called it good.

My dad and I took a little longer at the store than I thought we'd be, but we got everything we needed.  We tried to rent "God's Not Dead" so we could watch it when my grandparents came over, but they didn't have it at the grocery store's Red Box. We dropped off the groceries at home, then went back out to check a couple other places. They still didn't have it. It looks like everyone else had the same idea of watching movies today. But, no movie for us.

We came home and didn't leave much time for getting ready, when my grandparents got here. We all visited with them for awhile, then my grandpa and dad went outside to start the burgers. The ladies stayed inside as my mom prepared the chips and dip, talking and catching up with our lives. When the burgers were done, gramps and my dad joined us. We gathered around the table and ate..Yum! We talked about our family visiting sometime next month and later on, our trip to Hawaii a few years ago. We had dessert and talked some more, then my grandparents left.

It was so good seeing them. I feel like just when I could really start getting to know them, my grandpa is starting to slow down and things just aren't the same...You know what I mean? I guess if anything, it's an eye-opener to the fact that I need to cherish every moment with them. You really just can't waste time, because there isn't enough of it to go around.

** In other news, Carrie Underwood is pregnant. Like, I just can't believe it. Every time someone asked her whether she was pregnant, she acted like they weren't really ready for that. Then again, I wouldn't exactly want to announce something like that to the world either, if they were trying. Kind of crazy, though!! I'm super excited for her and Mike...It'll be interesting to see how the little one grows up...I wonder if he or she will be attending the next fan club party? LOL.

After my grandparents left, my dad and I went for a bike ride around our neighborhood. It was still pretty warm out and the tires on my bike were getting pretty flat. It was not a good mix, but I sure did enjoy the time with my dad and I felt a lot better after getting those endorphins going. As much as I love fall and winter, there's something so special and sentimental about the summer. It's about holding onto your youth, letting time stand still for a bit. I love the talks I have with my dad and I love that we don't have to say anything at all either. Sometimes everything we need to say is said in those quiet moments.

My mom and I watched Candace Cameron's movie, "Finding Normal," when we came back. I did a little bit of writing, drank some hot tea and surfed the web. I also ran out to get food with my dad and spent the rest of the night online.

It has been a long weekend and there are a lot of busy things starting up for this week. I just hope I'm ready to take it on! AH! Wish me luck...I think I'm going to spend some time reading, then drifting off to night-night land. It's a good place.

That's all for now,
Shelby :)

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