July 16, 2014

Favorite YouTubers

During the summer, I LOVE finding new YouTube channels and I tend to watch them all day every day! It's fun watching vlogs and seeing how other people live, what kind of adventures they go on and always inspires me to try more with my videos. So, here's a list of some of my favorites and the ones I watch religiously. 


Check em out:

 Claudia has a really outgoing personality! She has videos about beauty, obviously (hence the name), some of the conferences for YouTube, hanging out with her friends, and just every day life. Plus, she goes on A LOT of vacations, so right now I am living vicariously through her.

I absolutely LOVE Maya! She's hilarious. Most of the time, she'll just have little rant videos and talk about specific things, like movies or back to school, but she just has this way of making everything so light, funny and entertaining to watch. She also has a lot of FABULOUS how to videos, as well. 

Ingrid has a lot of fun, lifestyle/beauty videos (like a lot of other people on YouTube do). She has great graphics, cool beauty routines and talks about the products she uses...Has a lot of haul videos, DIY tricks, tags, etc. She's super cute and has a darling personality, and always seems SO cheerful. 

I think Cat is one of the very first official "YouTubers" that I started watching. My friend had tweeted me a link to one of her shows where she talks about introverts, because that is SO us. She takes a closer look at bigger topics with personality, etc and on her other channel, she just vlogs. I love seeing her day to day life, hanging out with her friends and going out in LA. She's so charismatic and outgoing. She seems like a blast to hang out with. 

Veronica is actually one of my friends from jr.hi/high school, and saw that she had started YouTube videos. I was AMAZED! I'm kind of obsessed with her Instagram account, posting her artsy photos of her outfits and such, but I'm even more obsessed with videos - she posts her outfits, her shopping trips, hauls, monthly favorites and occasionally other vlogs fun places, like street fairs. She has a style all her own and has such a way of pulling it off. 

This is the most recent YouTuber I have gotten into and it happened randomly. My friend posted one of her videos on my Facebook wall of tips while you're in college. I started watching several more and I just absolutely love her now! She has this really hilarious, over the top sort of personality. She's funny, but not obnoxiously so. She has hair tutorials, hauls, reviews, favorites, tips and so much more. I'm excited to just start watching more of her videos. 

Okay, I really love Nikki's videos, because they are always SO colorful. I really started watching her videos just for the graphics and her thumbnails, because they were so cute. But, she also has a pretty exciting life with her husband and her friends and dog. She vlogs all about her vacations (on the vlogging channel) and day to day life...On her beauty channel, she has the typical hauls, reviews, rants/raves, etc. She's just very fun and always has great music to get things going. 


I had to get used to her voice a bit, but Aspyn is very creative, lovely and keeps things very entertaining. Mostly, I watch her day to day vlogs because I'm fascinated by those... She gets to do a lot of cool things with YouTubers, conventions and all of that. I also like her hauls, shopping trips and everything in between. She has a fun personality and doesn't seem to hold back. Also really love her graphics and the way she places things in her videos...I don't know, I'm kind of a nerd about that.

Another one of the YouTubers that kind of got me into the whole idea of officially making videos and doing it all the time. She always has such bright and exciting graphics that draw you in right away, cool song mixes, hauls, favorite things of the month, routines for the day, and beauty tips. 

I have pretty much spent ALL day watching all kinds of different videos and catching up on some that I haven't watched in awhile. So I'd say I was super productive, right? Just kidding...haha. 

I'm sure there are several other channels that I could have included, but I'd say these are the ones that I spend the most time on. I'm constantly finding new vloggers to check out, so if you have any that I should check out, feel free to let me know!

That's all for now,
Shelby :) 

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