January 18, 2014

"It feels like a perfect night for breakfast at midnight--22 ooh-ooh!"

This is me feeling "22" :)
Taylor tweeted about the "13th!" (our special day)
It's a weird thing to have a birthday on a Monday. I just don't like Mondays ever, and who does?! Even if I'm out of school, there are usually errands to run or something else that I don't like to do that takes place on Monday. And after a bit of a busy weekend, I was wiped out and not looking forward to a full day of classes. But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right? This is definitely what being an adult feels like, and I don't even know the half of it yet.

*My feature writing class went great. We had a lecture and took some notes, the usual. 

*I decided to head to the paper at lunch a little early to make a few edits for the assignments that had been turned in the day before, since I hadn't been able to make it. It also gave me a chance to not feel like I had to rush through my lunch. It gave me a chance to talk with our editor a bit more, and the professor that is in charge. It was a good time.

Jerry from Parks and Rec! SO AWESOME!
*The newspaper was SO FUN! I've been sitting with the editors, now that I'm an assistant editor myself, and it really makes me feel like part of the team. Because, hey, I am now! That's where the real action and behind the scenes scoop is and it's a blast. We were laughing the entire time and making fun of one another, telling strange stories (actually, I was just listening to them most of the time), and waiting, while the staff writers had lectures on the style of writing and techniques of AP. I was also on Twitter, when I saw that I had a tweet back from Jim O'Heir (Jerry on Parks and Rec), which kind of made my day. And then my friend and I were chatting back and forth on Facebook in the middle of class, making up a whole bunch of nonsense after she wished me a happy birthday. Good times, good times. My editor/partner-in-crime and I then met with our features writing team and helped them come up with story ideas, and then everyone was free to go. We all hung out for a little while longer, and then I went outside to hang out for about an hour in the quad area to have a snack and wait for my next class to start. It was a little chilly, but I was taking advantage of the fact that I wasn't stuck in a stuffy classroom and could enjoy the fresh air.
*Mass media was pretty much the same as always, or the last week I should say. Our professor lectured and we wrote notes. It felt like it was going to last forever, but it was all good. I made it out alive, and that's what matters.

*Theories in communication was my last class of the day at 5:15! Hallelujah! I love it because I get to talk to some of my friends and we just laugh and get a little hyper, which helps things go a lot quicker. Also, my friend Brittany got me a pink and black scarf! Totally wasn't expecting that and it's super cute. So sweet of her that she even thought of me. The class period consisted of us listening to an audio clip and writing a bunch of notes, and by the time I left class, I was starving.

The evening was very weird and out of the norm, but it was kind of nice doing something different. It honestly just didn't really feel like my birthday. But, I was also very surprised to see balloons and presents waiting for me when I came home. That definitely made it feel like it was my birthday. To unwind from the day, I snacked on some of my leftovers from Lucille's, then watched a special on E! about the Golden Globes and took a shower. I didn't do ANY homework, and I didn't feel guilty about that in the slightest. I mean, c'mon...You don't have to be an adult all at once! HA!

It wouldn't be a special occasion without a Taylor Swift bag or card ;)

When my dad came home, I opened my presents, which was an Apple TV box, tickets/meet-and-greet for a seminar Kirk Cameron is doing at my grandpa's church next month and a charger for my iphone that I'll be able to take on-the-go! I was SO excited. I finished getting ready and blow drying my hair, then one of my best friends, Liz, picked me up for "breakfast at midnight," like I'd been planning for the past month or so. We had a
Liz, me and Marissa…(My arm looks SO weird).
bit of an adventure with going to Denny's, which is just down the street from where both of us live, because there was a ton of construction going on. We weren't even totally sure that we could make it down the street, seeing as there was a tractor ahead of us and looked like he wasn't going to budge. We were freaking out for a good five minutes, and tried to think of what else we could do, when I saw a guy running behind us, thinking he was trying to stop us. But, it turns out he wasn't. So, we kept going. Turning into the parking lot of Denny's was also quite an adventure, too. We kind of missed it and had to take a detour around, HAHA! But, we made it in one piece, and that's what matters.

My other best friend, Marissa, met up with us a few minutes later, as we all looked over the menus trying to decide what we wanted. I had an omelette, Liz had a Grand Slam, and Marissa had hush puppy bites. Liz talked to us about her sorority and her crazy schedule this quarter with work, school, extra activities and her classes, Marissa told us a little more about her job and people at work, and then there was me…Mainly just taking it all in, and talking about school, and everything that I encounter on a daily basis. The usual. We ate, we talked a lot, and finally close 2 a.m, we left…Since Liz had to be up at 5 a.m. and all, we thought it was probably best to take off. Liz and I had another interesting story of pulling out of the parking lot and we were laughing at this rock that she thought looked like a dog or bear? (I can't remember) and I thought it looked like a sheep. Nope, it was just a rock and we were laughing so hard. And then we saw a shooting star! Pretty exciting stuff, folks. I honestly don't remember what I wished for, but I feel like I have it all already.

I'm never out that late, especially during the school week, so it was fun to just get out there and do something out of the norm. I feel like that's a lot of what this year will be. Not just staying so used to everything I've always done, but doing it all a little differently. Being 22 is just going to be fun. I don't want to take everything so seriously. It's time to loosen up a little and to smile a little more. So, that's my plan.

I came home, got into my pj's and turned on some TV. After all, I am still a homebody at heart, and I was incredibly excited about being able to do that. And it was a good thing I had Tuesday off! haha.

That's all for now,

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