October 25, 2013

{Keep chugging along, Keep singing your song}

"Put the plow in the ground till the daylights gone
When you look back over your shoulder
At everything you've done
Put the good times in your pocket
Let the bad ones make you strong
Keep chuggin' along"

I have been counting down the weeks and days of the quarter since the very first day of classes! And never have I ever been more excited to be done than I am right now. This week was CRAZY! I have had quite a lot of homework, and (like a bad girl) I waited until the last minute. So, here it is Thursday night as I'm trying to finish it all. Technically, it wouldn't be that bad, and I would actually be ahead of the game if it wasn't for an incredibly busy weekend coming up:

  • Vince Gill concert
  • Hillary's engagement shower
  • Church
  • Heading to Anaheim Sunday night
  • Monday...DISNEYLAND!
I honestly haven't even had much time to think about it, because I've been so stressed out. Now, that the load is lessening, I can start getting pumped and being happy again. You do not want to be around me during the school week. (Just ask my mom).

This week was such a blur! I did homework, watched TV, caught up with friends, tweeted, wished for some exciting news on Friday (one step closer with my journalism dreams), freaked out several times-wondering if I'm where I'm supposed to be or whether I could be doing more and whether I'm going to fall flat on my face, started planning for next quarter, wrote for fun a little more (something I've missed A LOT), listened to Katy Perry's new CD (GET IT, if you haven't already...It's so fantastic. I also had a mini dance party), daydreamed, found out the results on my midterms (GULP) and watched a foreign film. 
Also, for my interpersonal communications class, we had to talk to someone we didn't know from our class; get to know them and study their body language, then talk about those things with them. That was, uh, interesting and a little weird...But, a good weird. It made me realize how I need to be when it comes to interviewing and made me more aware of how I act in new situations. Then again, it's always weird when you know you're being watched..I tend to freak out more. Definitely an experience! 
I also keep realizing how grateful I am for right now. I just keep taking deep breaths and remember to be thankful for the people that are in my life at this moment, not the ones that aren't. Right now, I'm learning. I don't know everything, and I'm not going to even try to pretend anymore that I do. I think that takes some of the pressure off. And I'm trying to remember to not procrastinate. It seriously does nothing but freak me out, and that's just good for NO ONE. Also, I need to get rid of distractions... :0

Oh, you know...Just talking to my Twitter besties! ;)

This was such a nice surprise! 
See why I need to move to Nashville SOON?!
Just four more weeks, and I am trying to keep the faith alive to keep pushing on. I'm so excited about this 4 day weekend I have this week for a mini vacation to get finish this quarter off with a bang. I'm so glad I get to spend the next few days with some pretty awesome people that mean a lot to me, too. Should be a freakin' blast! 

Well, I am so tired and I hope this isn't too frazzled or a bunch of rambles....

Song of the Day:
Chuggin' Along--Luke Bryan

That's all for now,
Shelby :)

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