April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend Part One (Good Friday)

Friday, I was able to sleep in, then my mom and I had a few errands to run. Well, going to Target a couple days before Easter was probably not the smartest move, but it wasn't too bad. We only needed a few things, and then we were out of there. My aunt ended up calling and asking if we wanted to go to lunch, and we hadn't seen her in awhile, so that was cool. We went to a small local place that is Hawaiian themed with burgers, fish, soup, etc.

When we finished, my aunt wanted to look at the store, Home Goods. I didn't have money, so I wasn't really looking for anything. But, it's always fun to look around at their furniture and other goodies, so I can mentally decorate in my head! We weren't there for too long, because I wanted to have some downtime at home before the church service that night. We parted ways with my aunt and headed home.

I watched Felicity for a bit, then it was time to go. I was a bit nervous, but there was nothing to be nervous about; it was more excitement and adrenaline of anticipating how everything would all come together. I got there at 5:30, when we were expected; immediately changed into my costume, then had quite awhile to hang out with everyone, which was nice. The kid that played "12 year old Jesus" was hilarious, so he kept us entertained for the most part, telling us jokes or showing us something on Instagram. That helped the time pass off quickly.
It was nice to be able to see how things were going to work in its entirety, straight through, since in some ways, Friday and Saturday would be like "dress rehearsals" for Sunday morning. There were a couple scenes before ours, mainly with narration, sound effects, and video, then we were up. I was Mary, so I was part of the nativity. The whole idea of what we were doing is that we were behind a curtain type thing, and a light would shine on us, so the audience would just see our outline. It sounded really neat! The first night, the lighting didn't work, so you couldn't see us, but it was all good. It still prepared us for what we needed to do.
After our scene, I changed and hung around for a few minutes, in case anyone needed anything else. I talked with Joshua (who played Joseph) and our music pastor's assistant who had come back there to visit for a few minutes. The kids went to their classrooms after the skit was over, and I headed home.

On the way home, I saw this incredible sunset and couldn't take my eyes off of it. It just overwhelmed me with the reminder of what Christ did for us so many years ago; it filled my heart with hope, which is something I've been struggling with again lately. I've been bitter and doubtful, and honestly, not a real joy to be around. But, this had some things stirring in my heart that God is still good and remains the same, no matter what my emotions are.

My mom and I got home, I watched a little more Felicity and my dad got home pretty soon after, so we ate dinner. It was such a good night and I felt pretty positive about everything, which hasn't happened a lot lately. We were laughing and joking, then I went back to watching Felicity the rest of the night...Oh yes, I have quite the crazy Friday nights!

That's all for now,
Shelby :)

Stay tuned for part two!

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