July 19, 2012

The Weekly Review

There's not much to report on this week other than I was cramming a whole bunch of Spanish and math into it. But, leave it to me to squeeze a couple of other things like lunch with my mom on Tuesday, and looking around at one of the shopping centers we have in town in. Otherwise, I probably would've lost my mind. They have a lot of neat little boutique type stores and a "green" based store with a lot of eco friendly items that I thought Sophia Bush would appreciate. I watched a little Growing Pains yesterday, a lot of browsing on the internet and today I ran errands with my mom and aunt, then we had lunch together at Mimi's. The rest of my night will consist of cramming all of this Spanish in and getting it DONE. Ah! Not much longer to go... Here's the week in photos:

Bought a Khloe Kardashian inspired jacket for the idol concert! So excited to wear it :D

Nick Jonas inspired outfit today!
Lunch at Mimi's
That's all for now,
Shelby :)

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