June 14, 2012

Good In Goodbye (Fiction Series) Part Three

Wednesday night sneaked up on us extremely quick. Once again, they rolled out the red carpet and celebrities from all over showed up to support their favorite American Idol. I interviewed several more of the contestants and quite a few alumni from other seasons, including Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert. All were so gracious and excited to be back, talking about their latest projects and what they would be up to this summer. There wasn't much time before the show, and we all scurried into the theater to get settled in for the next two hours.
There were performances, a proposal and plenty of stalling from Seacrest in between. Sheila and I whispered back and forth to one another, commenting about the show and making plans for the after party.
"Do you have any plans to meet up with Carter?" Sheila nudged me, as he made his way to the stage for a group number.
"We talked for five minutes last night, we hadn't exactly gotten that far," I gave her a look.
"Hey, how am I supposed to know?" She shrugged and winked.
I rolled my eyes and sat back in my seat as the top 12 performed a medley of Beatles songs on stage. I did find myself paying closer attention to Carter as he moved his arms and rocked to the beat of the music, but I wasn't sure why.
The new American Idol was crowned, Paul Peterson! The crowd went wild and the media ensued towards the stage, while Sheila and I walked across the way to the after party at J.W Marriott to set up. The room was dark with dim lights colored blue and purple, and the walls were lined with creme colored couches to lounge on. There were celebrities starting to file into the room, mingling with one another and dancing. We walked around talking to a few of them and getting some great shots of the scenery for our blog assignment. That's when I spotted Carter.
"He's looking this way, go talk to him," Sheila encouraged me. I wanted to, but part of me was scared that maybe she wasn't right about us or him after all, and I was going to get my heart broken again.
"Umm, I don't know about that," I said cautiously.
"Well, it looks like he's coming over anyway, so put on your happy face and be nice," she warned and disappeared into the crowd.
I took a deep breath and turned around to see Carter in front of me. I had forgotten just how blue his eyes were and how good looking he was in general.
"Hi again," he said with an excited expression on his face.
"Hi!" he gave me a hug and we looked at each other, wondering what to say next.
"What did you think of tonight's show?"
"It was an incredible production! They really work you guys don't they?"
"You have no idea..."
I thought back to what Sheila had said. Maybe I should just give him a chance, so I snapped out of my ridiculous thoughts and started concentrating on just getting to know a really nice guy.
"I'd love to hear more about it, if you have time!"
"I have all night," he said, and motioned his hand over to a spot on an empty couch in the corner of the lounge. I followed behind him.
For the next few hours, we ended up talking about the most random of things. He told me about some of the songs he'd been writing and people he'd been working with. He was extremely driven and knew what he wanted, but still so humble and gracious about it all. I told him about how I hoped to move out to LA someday to further my journalistic career, because I felt there were more opportunities out here. He thought it was a good plan.
Around 1:30 we finally stopped long enough to realize that most people were leaving or had already left.
"I should probably head to my room pretty soon, my best friend's already left me!" I laughed, glancing around the room.
"I should too! We have a few appearances and interviews tomorrow and a meeting to talk about things for the tour."
"You're just a busy guy!" I teased him.
"I am, but it's really nice always having something to do."
"Absolutely! I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to sit still, so I understand."
"I like that we're on the same page."
I couldn't help but smile giddily while trying to figure out just what he meant by that.
"Let me walk you back to the lobby at least.I'm staying there too."
"Ok," I agreed and we walked through the hallway, past several other ballrooms and conference areas. It was pretty deserted, seeing as how late it was. Carter made small talk about sightseeing in LA and asked if I had any recommendations for things to check out. I told him I'd get back to him.
"I guess this means we'll be seeing each other again," he asked, looking hopeful to my answer.
"I'm sure it does," I didn't commit to anything just in case I decided to chicken out. But, after getting a little warmed up tonight, I felt more confident with him.
We made our way into the lobby and the elevators.
"Well this is me," I told him, pointing to one of the elevators that went to the first building of rooms.
"Then, I guess this is the part where we say good night," he gracefully bowed.
"I guess so," I agreed and did a curtsy,"It was nice talking to you."
"It was nice talking with you too, I'll see you around," he winked and walked in the opposite direction.
I went up to the room to find Sheila already in bed and knocked out, while the TV was playing Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. I shook my head and laughed at her all spread across the bed, drooling.
I changed into my pj's and washed my face, then crawled into bed. Curious and a little worried about what the future held, I said a prayer for peace and closed my eyes.

To be continued...Part four coming soon! Sorry if this was boring, it was basically a filler to get to the next section.

~Stay tuned,

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