April 16, 2012


Most of my Sunday's are typically the same: church, lunch, and a little relaxation with family or friends. This one was no different. But, I'm starting to enjoy Sunday's a lot more because I don't have that dread of Monday classes following me throughout the day. I went to church and my announcement debut (I heard it was a hit, which makes us feel really good). And it was in that moment that I started to realize how being an actor in Hollywood can really mess a person up. I'm in no way saying that this was that big or getting the big head or anything, but all of a sudden I started second guessing what I did or how was I going to look, and all these things about myself just because a few people were going to see it. I can only imagine these stars that have to see themselves on huge screens or get picked apart when they don't look their best or little nit-picky things the media likes to tear them down for on the red carpet or on a magazine cover. You really do have to just tune it out or you'll drive yourself crazy. It's not about looks; focus on your talent and what you love doing and the rest won't matter. After service, I also got a chance to catch up with some friends after the service. It's weird, it used to be my parents doing that after church while I was waiting for them but now it's reversed. We went to a local Mexican restaurant, Mexicali, which was SO good, and it was all decorated for Spring/Summer. Each holiday or season, they decorate the front table when you walk in according to what the next occasion is.

It was a gorgeous afternoon. The weather is definitely warming up and the sky could not get any bluer really. I went to Target with my parents, and got the new Lauren Conrad book that just happened to be signed. I'm a huge fan of Lauren Conrad from Laguna, The Hills, her clothing, and of course, the books. She's a franchise now and such a smart business woman. I was so excited about this!

Last night, I went out to dinner with the girls at Panera. It's really the perfect place for catching up. We sat out on the patio, ate, talked, and started planning for Catalyst THIS WEEK! In some ways I can't believe it's here already, but in others it seems like we've been talking about it forever and it's finally here. It's going to be life changing in so many ways...I can already feel it! AHHHHHH :D We stayed a little longer than we were probably supposed to, after Panera had closed, until one of the worker's came out and needed the cushions at our table. So, we moved the party over to Yogurtland. By that time, we were all pretty much freezing and SO full, so we decided to call it a night. Febe drove me home, and we had a nice little chat about guys and relationships. Febe's really wise when it comes to that stuff! It's like she just knows what to say, without knowing what I needed to hear. She's gonna make an incredible Pastor someday. 

Anywhoooo, that's all for now. I have a lot that I should be doing right now, and this is probably not one of those things ;). 

Talk to you soon,
Shelby <3

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