April 26, 2012

Colton Dixon

I'll be honest...I wasn't necessarily crazy about the way Colton first got into Idol. He hadn't technically planned on auditioning, but the judges were pushing it. I felt bad for his sister and others that had waited and done it the official way, but I thought he was good. I was just afraid he might be an Adam Lambert type at first. However, week after week he really started growing on me. I was still pulling for Hollie and voting hardcore for her week after week, but I slipped in a few votes for him at times as well.
The week I truly became a fan was when he sang Lifehouse's song "Everything." First off, I LOVE that song and second, I love how completely open he was about his faith and in trusting Christ with this journey. To me, the most attractive thing a guy can wear is his love for God, and that's what really drew me into Colton. Aside from that...he is also freakin' talented (and not too bad to look at either ;))! I can't believe how he could turn a popular song that's on the radio to fit his voice perfectly and make it sound like it's an original. He is going to do SO much beyond American Idol and I am SO excited for him!
Last night, I bought all of his music from itunes and love all of it, but I need to find out if you can still buy the videos, because I love having those on hand. His playlist was the perfect bike riding music this afternoon; his voice couldn't be any more perfect. I'm crossing my fingers and saying a prayer that I'll get to meet him at the American Idol finale, if all goes according to plan! I LOVE him! He's definitely up there with Kelly, Carrie, Danny, and Kris for me. He's the kind of guy I hope to marry someday.

That's all for now,

What was your favorite performance of Colton's? If you're not a fan, who is your favorite contestant?

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