December 12, 2011

The Weekend

This weekend was fabulous! Friday I didn't have classes, because it was considered "Dead day" on campus. So, my mom and I went to lunch, saw New Year's Eve, and ran a couple errands. The movie was so cute! I wasn't quite sure what to expect after hearing it only received one star in the reviews, but I have no idea what they were talking about. I thought it was more coherent with story lines than Valentine's Day, and had a really great over all message. I so want to see it again on New Year's Eve! :D LOL. Came home and watched Christmas movies that night! Cheesy, but what do you expect from Lifetime and Hallmark?
Pretty colors in the car wash
Personalized Taylor Swift card that my parents made me! :D
Yesterday was nice too! Went to lunch and a couple places with my aunt, and was able to relax at home a little while.

Fruit Loop apple! SO good....
Taylor card I got in the mail from a friend.

Early morning today, because I was on the worship team at church! Always a fun time with everyone and of course, singing for God. 

What I wore

Backstage...I was bored back
A book my friend got me for Christmas...only the coolest thing EVER!

Attempting to study for speech final tomorrow

 Play at my grandparents' church!

Such an incredible production.  I remember seeing it years ago when I was about 5 maybe (it hasn't been here in like 13 or 14 years); thinking the angels were so cool and being in awe of everything that was happening on stage. This was exactly what I needed to be reminded of what Christmas is all about, and to get in the Christmas spirit once again! I remember being that small and wanting to sing in all the church Christmas plays, so the little kids singing "Happy Birthday Jesus" really took me back ;). And I missed my grandma. It was her church before she passed away, and she was always involved in the choir or something. Missing loved ones that aren't here anymore, really doesn't ever go away.
It also had me really excited for our Christmas program next Saturday and Sunday; it's going to be a blast. Every time I see a play or concert, I feel that anticipation of the behind the scenes crew, because I love the chaos RIGHT before you go on. It's the most exciting feeling in the world, and reminds me of how much I love performing and being on stage. That's one thing I miss about school...the choir concerts, plays, holiday themed parties, etc.

Today, I was also reminded of how God is continually working in my life. When I let go and fully trust Him, I'm so much better off. I am so blessed to not only have Him, but the most amazing friends in the world. They encourage me, love me no matter what, and they're always there for me. I love them so much, and honestly, I don't know where I'd be without them.

Here's to the last week of school, the last week of practice for the Christmas concert, and more festiveness of the season.

That's all for now,

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