September 27, 2011

Last Week/The Weekend

Worked on speech on the Grand Ole Opry
Watched the Iheart Radio event on the big screen


My friend sent me this of Ian Harding from PLL LoL.
Last week was busy with school as always. I haven't been doing much else other than school. This past weekend was rather interesting...But it turned out to be a lot of fun!

Saturday: I got Taylor Swift's perfume, Wonderstruck, that smells amazing! Ran some other errands with my parents, went on a bike ride with my dad, and we stayed home the rest of the night. It was a fun day!

Christmas stuff is already out! It's not even Halloween yet!

My Taylor perfume kit

My cat was scared of the bottle lol

We went to church, then had lunch at BJ's which was good. Not too long after, we went to the movies to see Dolphin Tale. It was such a cute movie, and Cozi Zuehlsdorff, the newcomer of the cast, did an incredible job. She's such a natural! After the movie, we went up to my grandpa's for dinner and hanging out. It was a good time :)
My fried artichoke from BJ's good!!

I so wish this was true! I love them together :)
 Looked at some interior design magazines my grandma had on her coffee table and took pictures of some of the rooms I liked!

I want a place like this!!!

Love this backyard.

Great summer house ;)

We could all use some reminding of this! I know I sure did...some things just aren't worth it.  God will take care of it in the right timing!

That's all for now,

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